I help wedding business owners who are experts at what they create actually run successful businesses.


You may have completed a course on how to plan weddings, you maybe a photographer, a florist, a cake maker that wishes to work in the wedding industry but just doesn't know where to start.

Maybe you are already running a wedding business but it isn't going as well as you thought. You are working long hours, not making enough money and wish to upscale.

After 15 years of running a wedding planning company

I teach business owners the fundamentals of actually running a business. I also take interns each year who complete a recognised accredited internship with my business.

If you wish to learn how to position yourself in the industry, pricing your services, systems for your business and most importantly marketing and nailing those sales with your ideal clients then you are in the right place.


As well as my private coaching, I run a course twice a year, offer a membership club and host mini workshops.

As a child I used to stare in wonder at beautiful window displays in London and decided at a young age I was going to become a display designer, in those days it was called a window dresser.

When I was 16, I enrolled at the College for Distributive Trades in Charing Cross to study Display,

Point of Sale and Exhibition design.

I achieved my Diploma and started working at the House of Fraser as a junior window dresser.

My career path took me then onto working on cruise liners as a display, designer, the assistant display manager at Sandersons Wallpapers and Fabrics and then I got a job in events.


 Based in London I was in charge of designing fabulous events and parties for clients such as Time Warner Brothers, Jigsaw clothing and many corporate companies. One of my biggest events was the Batman Video Retailer launch at the Kensington Palace Garden Hotel. We had all the props! The bat mobile, bat cave, bat suit and created the most stunning event with many celebrities such as Spandau Ballet and Mel Gibson.

My love of creating fabulous spaces continued with me and when I had my daughters I went back to college to study interiors, History of Art and Design. I then worked as an interior designer and stylist both in the UK and Marbella where I moved to over 20 years ago. 

When Elizabeth, my third daughter, arrived I set up my own business, Reviva Weddings, creating magical spaces and planning destination weddings.

Reviva Weddings is one of the most established destination wedding planning companies in Spain that has allowed me to live my dream life for 15 years.

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