Hi, I am Laura, the face behind The Business of Weddings.


As a wedding planner with over 15 years experience running one of the most successful wedding planning companies in Spain, and 6 years ago I started helping others who wished to work in the wedding industry or already have wedding businesses.

I help business owners with their branding, marketing, visibility and sales, including wedding planners, photographers, florists and any businesses who speak to brides and grooms, helping them to upscale their businesses.


I love the light bulb moments I create when I see the penny drop and my clients confidence soar as their businesses take off. I am known as the Fairy Godmother of Weddings!


Two years ago I decided to invest in myself, I have trained with one of the top ten business coaches in the world and mentored many college students wanting to enter the wedding and events industry.

In my Wedding Edit Membership Club we cover all aspects of running a business, don't forget it is not a hobby you are now the CEO of your business and need to understand all the elements it takes to become successful.


My personal journey

I have been where you have been, I started somewhere.


I was a new mum, with a baby and two teenage daughters. I wanted more for them and this was my turning point, it may not sound dramatic, and trust me I have had a few traumas in my life, but often it is the straw that breaks the camel's back isn't it and it can be the smallest of things.


I had no money and was completely dependent on my partner, who was under pressure, and my parents helping out. I hated being in this situation but it was one day that triggered it for me.


I was due to meet a friend for a coffee and got into my car, realised I had no petrol and no way of paying for petrol and had to cancel at the last minute. 


I walked back into my house and burst into tears, I had absolutely no control over my life anymore and it was all money related. Money was stopping me doing simple things like meeting friends for coffee and virtually rendering me house bound, I was astonished I was in this situation.


I changed that day and vowed I would never be in the same situation ever again and I haven't.

Where I am now

I love to teach and am the go to for many wedding professionals when they hit a wall, they all know

I am extremely approachable and will do anything to help and advise them.


In the past 15 years I have built up a very successful wedding planning and styling business which now enables me to live my dream life and certainly allows me to meet a friend for a coffee!


I believe in self investment and over the past two years I personally have embarked on a wide range

of brilliant business courses to enable me to help others. With my knowledge and skills I now teach clients how to launch, re-brand and create strategies to propel their wedding businesses.

I fast track my clients by avoiding mistakes along the way and assist in helping them create sustainable and profitable businesses.


I no longer worry about money, I have freedom to live the life I want. I love nothing more than just simply popping down to the beach with my family and watching the world go by. 


If you wish to achieve the same then you are in the right place, I will teach you how to create your dream business and live the life you want. 

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