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If anything else this past 18 months has taught us one thing, to be able to diversify.
Pivoting was a big word in 2020. For many, working in the events and wedding industry, businesses were completely wiped out.
Some business owners returned to the workplace, others decided to ride the storm out, but it has been a long storm that none of us ever expected would last so long so what did we learn from this?
Selling products or services online became a popular option. Watching trends unfold during the pandemic was interesting and to see businesses tapping into new markets.
Restaurants and caterers offering home cook it yourself boxes, fitness classes going online, zoom party ideas, subscription boxes and teaching many different skills online from hobbyist to business skills.
Therefore as we emerge out the other side of the pandemic small business marketing has changed.

Every entrepreneur realised they need the power to connect directly with their audience and not rely purely on social media. 

I will take just one example to explain, a caterer. Catering for weddings originally but during the pandemic decided to set up a 'cook it at home' box delivered to your door with all the ingredients and recipes included.
The Ultimate Dine at Home Experience.

If that caterer had already grown an email list they could have quickly put their offer out directly to an audience whom had already signed up to their email list showing an interest in the services they offered.

Instead I watched many companies purely relying on word of mouth and their social media to pivot and gain interest in their new offerings.

Social Media platforms and Pinterest
don't belong to you, your business assets are your website, blog and email list.

If you lose your social media accounts you have no way of connecting with your potential audience at all.

Use your social media marketing efforts to capture your audiences email addresses, read more in my latest blog post to see why this works.


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Setting up any new business takes time, you need to build an audience and nurture them, this is where email marketing comes into play.
But why would I need it for a wedding business I hear you say, my clients are one offs, they won't get married again, or hopefully not! I have enough to do without worrying about email marketing too.
OK let me explain, there is a simple marketing system you use again and again, rinse and repeat, email capture is built into this simple system I teach inside my Business of Weddings Membership Club.

You can post out on social media until the cows come home but unless you are capturing your audiences details thus facilitating reaching out to them directly in their inbox then you are throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping it will stick.

You can add a CTA (Call to Action) in your social media, which is great, such as DM me or find out more here, link in bio, etc.
You may get a few bookings via social media but using email marketing is working much smarter for your business with a much higher conversion rate to sales and email marketing is about to go through the roof, do you want to get left behind?
Take a look, how many emails do you receive each day from a mailing list?
You probably don't really notice but consider who is popping into your inbox regularly and all these emails lists you would have subscribed to at some point. Whether it was to get discount on your next order, sign up to newsletters, or perhaps a freebie or paid offer you signed up for.
Important note, you cannot just create an email list and put all your clients and suppliers emails into it, you need their consent and this is where the GDPR code of practise comes into play otherwise you are not being compliant with the privacy laws. This is a serious offence and you need to learn how to grow an email list properly, you will thank me later for it!
If  you implement email marketing into your wedding business you will be engaging with potential customers directly into their inbox when you have offers, sharing new venues, newsletters, etc.
Who are they more likely to book, the company popping into their inbox regularly or the one they happened to stop and check out on in Instagram or Facebook and forgot their company name?
The beauty of having your email list is also don't forget they will be celebrating more milestones.

Hosting gorgeous dinner parties, looking for restaurants, party styling, photographs of other celebrations, birthday cakes, friends getting married or planning another holiday and if we ever need to pivot again you already have an audience at your fingertips to email your offers out to.



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I would love you to learn the basics of email marketing and how to set this up so am offering a 3 day mini workshop on the 28th, 29th and 30th of July and the investment is just 25 euros.

I will open up a separate Facebook group for everyone who enrols and will be helping you in there as we work through learning the fundamentals of email marketing.

Day One will be learning how to create a freebie as a hook for your email list building exercise.
We will be using Canva and learning how to make your link so it is accessible to download when people sign up to your email list.

Day Two we will take a tour around Mailerlite, learning how to create a pop up on your website or a landing page for your freebie sign up. You will see how easy it is to create a sign up link and share it into a blog post or link. We will also talk about where else you can share sign up links to your email list.

Day Three we will learn about creating an automated system with your freebie link included and also how to create further emails campaigns to entertain your new subscribers.

I will teach these methods using the following platforms.

Wix as a website builder and blog but it can be applied to other website builders such as Wordpress, Weebly, Squarespace, etc which ever website designer and platform you work with the principles are the same.

Canva to create your freebies and graphics.

Mailerlite, it is free up to 1000 subscribers and I do recommend you use an external email capture list instead of one integrated into your website in case you wish to change your website later down the line.

My goal is not to overwhelm you but to learn a skill that you can apply in the future to not just your wedding businesses but any business.

I will host a zoom streamed into the pop up Facebook group and follow up with workbooks each day sent to you on email and also loaded into the pop up Facebook group.

Anyone who works with me knows I am gentle, patient and helpful, so you won't feel left behind.

All the course materials will be emailed to you as well so you have lifetime access and can refer back when you need to.

If you are a member of The Business of Weddings Membership Club you will automatically be added to this workshop so do not sign up here. 



Copy of Copy of Email marketing beginners workshop.png