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Three day mini workshop starting Tuesday 3rd November 2020
Powerful marketing strategies to help you Pivot during the Pandemic

Have you noticed the changes recently on Facebook and Instagram?

Do you know why they have changed everything and are rolling out the changes now?

Marketing during the Pandemic has changed massively and entrepreneurs need to keep up with the new rapidly rising online phenomenon that isn't going to go away, it is changing how people work, shop, educate and run their lives.

Facebook isn't daft is it? They have been actually very busy behind the scenes the past 6 months changing their platforms to accommodate the new way of marketing and it is serious stuff.

Did you know most millionaires have an average of 7 income streams, they don't put all their eggs into one basket.


If you have been thinking about diversifying or wondering how to bring additional income streams to your business this mini workshop will start to introduce you gently into this new marketing giant.

This isn't go to go away, in fact by 2023 there will have been an explosion of online courses and businesses and if you aren't at the start of this you are missing out.

In this 3 day mini workshop I am going to take you through the basics to start setting your business up to go online and be part of this massive new marketing strategy being rolled out by Facebook ready for post pandemic marketing.



I will teach you the secrets that every entrepreneur is doing right now to create online income streams for their service or product based businesses. Notice Facebook and Instagram now have the option to create shops even in their platforms, changed the way they look to make sure Facebook Groups are now ready to take over and people are already making millions from this one tool.

Simplicity is key so during this 3 day workshop I am going to keep it super simple and show you the strategies behind the scenes and give you the basic tools to start harnessing this new age of marketing.

More importantly I will show you how to do this at the lowest cost, free ways and not blind you with science, worrying about setting up new websites, paying for expensive products you may not be able to use or just becoming frustrated. I get the wedding industry is one of the hardest hit at the moment which is why I have decided to create mini workshops now to help everyone.

You will be able to incorporate this into your existing businesses, if you wish, or learn to create a separate business away from your current one.


Have added an additional service or a new business and want to fast track it to your audience.

Starting a new business and need the most effective but cheapest way to market it.

Learn a powerful way of talking to your audience and bringing in sales to your existing business.

Magic Marketing 

Mini Workshop



Day One

I will explain to you the systems you will need to start getting set up.

You will create a Facebook page or use your existing one and link a Facebook Group to it.

You will learn how to create a header for your Facebook Group in Canva.

I will explain to you the difference between your Facebook page and Facebook Group.

Day Two

Start your email list the easy way with Mailerlite or if you already use a platform what to do next.

Create a freebie, hook or a small mighty paid offer to draw people into your world.

This can be done on your existing website but you don't need a website to do this, you can create landing pages in Mailerlite

which is free up to 1000 subscribers and it is the easiest platform to start this project on.

Day Three

Hooking it all together and start to grow your Facebook Group with a few insider tips no one wants you to know.

Creating a PayPal link to add to your landing page if you are setting up a paid small but mighty offer or wish

to take a payment for a membership or course.

This 3 day Magic Marketing workshop is going to introduce you to a powerful way of growing your existing business and open up your eyes to what is now possible or to help you plan out your next business idea.

It isn't for the faint hearted but I am setting it out as simply as I can.

Don't  expect instant results, it is an ongoing project you can work on during the winter to help you diversify and start to create additional income streams to your businesses or use for your existing businesses.

I will be hosting follow up Mini Magic Marketing Workshops to take you through this journey and make sure you stay on track.


There will be a pop up Mini Magic Marketing Facebook Group to take you on this journey as we negotiate the new way of marketing during the next decade.

Magic Marketing 

Mini Workshop