One to One Coaching and Mentoring for Wedding Professionals


There are many brilliant courses out there for learning about the Business of Weddings, how to become a Wedding Planner or running a Creative Business.  The courses are informative, fresh, inspiring and fun and I am a great advocate of learning as much as you can as you embark on your business journey with the added plus many of these courses run great online networking sites to get your business off the ground, noticed and ask and share advice. But, and a big but, having attended a course or courses online, how do you actually put the knowledge you have learnt into practice? How do you really launch your wedding business, how do you get your first client, what do you do when you get your first client?


When I started my business 15 years ago there was nothing, Facebook did not exist, let alone Instagram. There was nobody with experience to connect to, with hindsight I know had I had the opportunity for personalised coaching and mentoring my business would have been so much easier, I would have fast tracked my way through and avoided many mistakes.


Every business is different, offers unique qualities, targets different clients and are at varying stages. I will share everything I have learned, in my 15 years of experience of running a successful wedding business, to coach and mentor you. I offer clarity and clear practical advice to get you from that online course to actually creating and running your dream business with your ideal clients.


Read through my lovely testimonials from my fabulous clients I have had the pleasure of coaching and mentoring as their wedding business journey started and they continue to run successful businesses. At the moment, due to the current crisis I am offering one to one power hours with me or a month of coaching to help you with your business.


The subjects can be anything you choose and if you would like more information please do get in touch with me.

Areas I can cover with you


Business Start Up

Choosing your business name, creating a website, logo and business branding. Targeting your ideal clients.

Pricing Your Business

Working for what you are worth and how to set out pricing for both planning and styling weddings.

Marketing and Branding

Creating a strong marketing brand and submitting to potential clients and media.

Building Portfolios

Portfolio building and how to create styled shoots to target your ideal clients, building relationships within the wedding industry.

Time Management

How to manage your day to day time management, prioritising and juggling a working week.

Developing Business Practices

Helping you streamline your business, budget sheets, time lines, working with clients online and managing admin effectively freeing up time.

One to One

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I am delighted you are interested in one to one coaching with me. 

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