8 Must have Habits of Wildly Successful Wedding Business Owners

Hello, hello, where did January go?!  Sometimes it seems as if it is the 64th January and other times I wonder where the month has gone as we head into February!

I am Laura and I run the Business of Weddings. With 15 years experience within the wedding industry running one of the most sustainable and successful wedding planning businesses in Spain, Reviva Weddings, I earned the reputation as the Fairy Godmother of Weddings!

Six years ago I started mentoring other wedding business owners, planners, photographers, cake makers, anyone who speaks to brides and grooms. 

Since then I have helped a lot of wedding business owners start up or just shine in their particular market by applying habits and strategies to their businesses. We have looked at their ideal clients, re-branded or tweaked, shouted out to their potential clients via blogs, social media and PR and landed bookings.

My mantra is always you don't have a business without bookings, it is a hobby.

There are 8 habits that I have taught and observed as my clients businesses grow, they use them time and time again to bring in amazing results. They are all fully booked, shining and delighted with their results.

Would you love to see what these 8 habits are?

If you would like to read more, I created a little freebie for you all about the habits of my successful business owners and you can download it directly here.

I hope you are all ready for the next engagement season on Valentines day, get blogging and get noticed!!

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