Announcing the Launch of BOW CREATE!

The Business of Weddings Creative Art Direction Studio has finally launched! BOW CREATE is official!

Do you ever get one of those realisations that something has been staring at you in the face forever?

I did recently, it dawned on me for the past two years I have been helping many creative business owners not just with my membership, mentoring and courses but actually privately working with so many on a multitude of projects but mainly offering a creative art direction service.


The Business of Weddings came to fruition after 6 years of helping new wedding planners and wedding industry business owners, I was known as the 'go to Fairy Godmother of Weddings' if anyone was feeling a bit stuck, needed advice or wanted to gain experience.

Three years ago I thought I would see if this was a viable business, I had the idea, I created a website, designed a course and started an Instagram page. I committed myself to take on interns from colleges in Europe to make sure what I teaching was of a high standard and they would pass with an accredited internship in my company, I was pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

I then invested in myself for a year, found some brilliant business coaches, and not so brilliant, but all this was

a learning curve for me as I understood quickly how not to deliver under par, watered down or confusing mentoring.