How I became a Wedding Planner

Now this may sound very strange given I run one of the most successful wedding planning businesses in Spain, but it was never my intention to be a wedding planner, it came by default!!

With a background in interior design and being a creative soul I started my business as a wedding decoration and styling business. I loved and still love nothing more than creating stylish decor, great tablescapes and give me details any day from florals to placecards!

But herein lies a story as to how my business changed. It was quite a few years ago when I was happily creating gorgeous wedding decor when out of the blue a popular wedding venue closed its doors. I had, I recall, about 7 weddings there and all the lovely clients came rushing to me for help to move their weddings. 

At the same time a girl who had been working at the hotel but had left the year before was teaching at a local hospitality school so I contacted her and asked her if she could help me as I had no idea how to manage this or indeed the time. She agreed and that summer we moved and managed 7 weddings successfully.

Now I had built up what I thought was a good relationship with this girl and she had assisted me in helping me launch my business whilst working at this hotel so it was a win situation. She was an awkward character though, so not relaxed so it was kind of hard to gel but I persisted as she had been so helpful.

Shortly after this summer we met for a lunch and she was crying her heart out telling me she hated her job, she wanted to be a wedding planner and asked if I  could change my business so she could fulfill her dream to be a wedding planner, so I agreed. I was actually quite taken back that such a non emotional character to date was displaying such distress. After a good chat, we worked out we would need around 20 weddings each year and she could l