Introducing The Business of Weddings Members Club!

Are you running a wedding business but just not making money, it is still a hobby? Does your business feel aligned to you, is something just not quite right and you aren't 100% clear in the direction you are taking? Do you often feel overwhelmed and lonely on your business journey and wish you had someone you could chat to, ask for advice and who just gets you?

If this sounds like you, then we know exactly what you need! We’d love to introduce you to The Wedding Edit Members Club. This is an online club where wedding business owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs all come together to mingle, network and learn, and where we will provide you with wedding business tools, advice and support to grow your business and tackle your problems.

Each month new content is added to the members club. We listen to what our members want and create what they need to help them on their business journeys. This includes content about systems, social media, branding and so much more! Each month we also present The Creative Corner as part of the membership, this is a fun thing to do to help you with your wedding business. We also have a recommended podcast, book tip and business tip of the month. So get ready to be inspired.

Not fully convinced yet? Hold on, there’s more! Not only is there a private membership area on this website, you will also be part of an exclusive Facebook group. Here you can chat, ask advice, and network with other business owners. There will be monthly experts coming into the group to help, inspire, and motivate you in your business journey. Laura will also host monthly Zoom sessions where you can ask her anything. Furthermore, there will be some wonderful discounts and offers for our members.

The Wedding Edit Club is hosted by the lovely Laura Charles who has been in the wedding industry for over 30 years - experience guaranteed - and has been on the entrepreneurial journey for 15 years. Laura will provide you with inspiration, training, business tools, lot’s of support and words of wisdom and encouragement. She will help you turn your dreams into reality!

Are you ready?

Yes? Alright!

Here’s the good news - doors open again on the 25th of May and this all for an astonishing € 25 per month. If you join at the end of May your membership will always stay at this reduced discount. After the 31st of May, it will be € 29 per month.

Click on the link, subscribe and be the first to know when doors open!

We hope to see your excited smiles there.

Lot’s of love,

The Business of Weddings Team

Oh and PS: Don’t forget to join Laura on the Business of Weddings Lounge. It’s a fantastic

Facebook group with lots of free training and videos, so do come over and say hello.

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