Rant time!

A little rant from me as I see so many wedding business owners getting it wrong so wish to share just one story with you from this week alone.

My planning business been contacted this week by 3 photographers so here is what I am going to say as been helping them all with a little bit of advice.


If you wish to work in the wedding industry it is extremely competitive.

Pitching yourself to planners, couples and other suppliers is crucial but get it right


Send out emails with no fabulous downloadable PDF attached.

Tell us all about you and the fact you have three cats and love weddings

Ask to meet for a coffee, we are already time poor and if we met every supplier who decided to email us that is all we would be doing!

Tell us your pricing is flexible, we aren’t going to start bartering with you

Send us to your social media that is full of cats and babies eating.


Now bear in mind who you are contacting.

Busy wedding planners who have a whole little black book of wedding suppliers already.

So here is what you do.


Tidy up your social media first, babies and cats aren’t selling the dream and potential clients we refer you to go and check you out.

Do create a fabulous PDF your contacts can download quickly and save into their photographers folder.

Yes we have folders for everything, photographers, celebrants, caterers and the list goes on.

Do clearly state your prices, don’t ask planners to decide what you should be charging.


You maybe the best photographer, celebrant, etc out there but if your marketing is wrong, you aren’t contacting people professionally and sending weak content out you will never succeed.

If you struggle with this I run a wedding business owners membership club full of advice, marketing courses, templates and so much more.

It is just 25 euros a month and if you are serious about wanting to work in a highly competitive industry I recommend you consider joining and stop getting everything so wrong.

If your business isn't wowing you, how on earth do you expect it to wow others?

Want to find out more, read all about the Business of Weddings Members Club here.