The Business of Weddings Blueprint Course

This past week I did a challenge in my Facebook Group, if you aren't in it you can join my little corner of the web by clicking here.

The purpose of this Challenge was to inspire all wedding business owners to really get them thinking about their businesses and working on them instead of in them.

The wedding industry has exploded over the past decade, which is fabulous, but also brings new challenges to anyone starting out or just tired and not getting bookings.

This week I launched my Wedding Business Blueprint Challenge and the purpose of this course is to fast track wedding business owners, whether you have just started, or not where you want to be, to running a successful and profitable business you are proud of.

I want you to wake up excited in the mornings and raring to go with exact strategies in place and know who you are talking to each day.

I don't want you to feel exhausted, burnt out and really not understanding what you need to do next to grow your business. I certainly don't want you to be sitting at a blank screen wondering how you are going to drum up business.

A business without bookings and clients is just a hobby.

Here is where my course will help you, it is an eight week group coaching course starting on the 2nd March and finishing at the end of April, just in time before wedding season starts.