What do I Blog about during Covid when there are no Weddings?

Blogging during Covid has been difficult.

At first the wedding industry was trying to keep upbeat but the summer wore on with many restrictions still in place, taking its toll on the hospitality industry, that the thought of getting out of bed let alone blogging has become difficult for many.

So you are struggling with blog posts for your business, maybe you don't know what to talk about, perhaps you aren't a great writer, need inspiration and guidance, English is not your first language.

I get you, keeping up with everything for your business is time consuming and I see business owners leaving those blogs rolling along in dust clouds as this is one of the hardest parts of your business to maintain at the best of times, let alone with such a challenging year.
But and a BIG BUT, your blog is one of the most important parts of your marketing strategy.
WHY I hear you shout, I love Instagram, Pinterest and don't need to keep blogging, it is boring, takes up too much time and I just don't know what to write about, especially right now.
Your website and blog is yours, it cannot be taken down unless you decide to stop it.
Your Social Media isn't yours, whilst it is brilliant, and free, if Facebook decide to close your Instagram or Facebook page you are a bit stuffed.
Your blog will move your website up those pesky Google rankings, meaning your website is more likely to be found.
People stay on blogs longer than social media, they are reading posts and blogs make them stop, sit up and take note.
There are so many more reasons why you should be focusing on your blog and get used to keeping it up to date but these are just a few of them.
I run a Wedding Membership Club for wedding business owners and this is the one thing they all struggle with.
So I have created a little freebie to help you on your blogging journey, taking the hard work out for you.

If you would love 5 Blog Posts done for you, you can download yours here. All you need to do is change them to suit your business, add in your internal and external links and your own images.

There is a bit more to it and shortly I will be creating mini workshops within my Facebook Group to help business owners get blogging.

The industry will recover and the businesses who are remaining visible and active will be the ones who get booked.


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