Lali Prada Lopez

A refreshing change to have a mentor with the experience to give, setting me new challenges, goals and the extra confidence. Loving the new direction I am heading and very excited to see my company grow.

Victor Alaez

020A0939_small - Victor Alaez.jpg

The Blueprint Business of Weddings course has been a great investment for my business. I have been struggling with pricing and some aspects of marketing for a long time. Laura helped me learn how to put myself out there in a better way and with more confidence.

Lucy Bennett

Laura's wedding business mentoring gave me confidence to conduct my business knowing I had learnt from the best in our sector, consequently the bookings flowed in!

Petra Espaulella

ja upravene - Petra Espaulella.jpg

Thanks to Laura’s mentoring I was able to start and finish my business website, plan content for my social media and also answer and calm many doubts and worries.  I appreciate Laura’s attitude, as she is a professional in the wedding field and she shared her experience, pitfalls, ideas, things we should be careful about but also had a very friendly approach . I am very grateful and couldn’t recommend her more.

Esztella Kovacs

Thanks to Laura I have gained more confidence in my business . She helped me to understand my brand and my ideal client. Thanks for her now, I understand not just the creative part of the wedding business but the crucial marketing as well. I can't recommend her enough to anyone who is struggling to gain momentum in the wedding industry.

Sam Bloomfield

An excellent and highly knowledgeable figure within the wedding industry. I would not hesitate to recommend Laura's services to any wedding professional. Her services in person and on a remote basis are excellent.

Mari Olli

I am so happy, my website and social media is now a reflection of exactly the kind of weddings

I create and enjoy.

Within weeks of working with Laura I have more enquiries and bookings are rolling in!

Update, I am now fully booked, can't believe it and am delighted.

Abha Benjamin

I couldn't have asked for anyone better than Laura to mentor me.

Not only does she offer invaluable experience and knowledge, she is so much fun to work with and a big support to help you get through rough days.

Jessica White

I could not have started and grown my own business without Laura as my career coach.

Even now I know I can go back to her with any questions or problems I may face.

Melienke Nieuwoudt


Laura helped me to understand the steps I need to take in order to set up my business and avoid common first-time-business-owner mistakes. What makes this course truly special, is the personal attention and time Laura invests, to help each business owner individually. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone in the industry whose ready to take their business to a new level. It really is a privilege to have an expert in the industry with so much talent, experience and knowledge to guide us on our journey.