Where ever you are in your business journey there are always new things to learn.

The life of an entrepreneur is busy, business owners juggle many tasks, some are great in certain areas but lack in other areas. If you cannot afford to outsource all the elements of your business then learning new skill sets is important to keep up to date, focussed, confident and have clarity to avoid the overwhelm.

You don't need a course but would love to learn, dip in and out when you see there is a subject you would like help on and importantly be part of a lively community of wedding business owners.

The Wedding Edit Membership Club has been running 6 months and is full of tutorials, masterclasses, trainings and workbooks. Each month a new shiny edition is launched with plenty of content, a masterclass from another business expert and an accountability file to keep track of what you have completed for your business.


You have access to the membership area and also a private members Facebook group where you can interact and socialise, help each other out with tasks and be part of a supportive network.

There is also a resources library including recommended book of the month, podcast of the month and the quick business tips corner. 


Building tribes, the power of networking is massive and by joining The Wedding Edit Club, you will make friends, collaborate and bounce ideas off each other.

See the magic you can create by chatting with other business owners, working on ideas and just grabbing a coffee and having a chat.


The Wedding Edit Club provides you with a group coaching experience.

Work with other members on tasks, be guided by Laura and other business owners, throughout your business journey.

Business is fun you don't need to battle it alone!


Running a business is all about learning new skills. Bite size learning snacks are delivered into the Wedding Edit Club each month allowing you to learn new business skills without the overwhelm of an expensive course.

We cover everything to help you run your dream wedding business from marketing, selling, branding and pricing.


Being an entrepreneur is fun, it is exciting, you are the owner of your life and you should be enjoying it.

By joining the Wedding Edit Club we also have meetings.

We chat about our days and weeks and make sure we have everything in perspective as we all grow and expand our businesses but also talk about life as an entrepreneurs.


The membership is 25 euros

a month.

By clicking on the button you will be taken to PayPal where a subscription is set up automatically.

There is no obligation to stay in the membership, you can try it for one month and if it isn't for you, you can leave at anytime after that month.

You will receive log in details to enter the private area on this website and have access to the Members Facebook Group.

The cost will be going up in 2021

so if you join at this price you will always remain at this price.

Is it a date?!

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