The wedding edit Members Club


€25 per month

What is included?


Access to training and resources worth over 5000 euros per year.

Downloadable workbooks and tutorials for you to work on your business covering many subjects along with accountability sheets each month.

Access to a private Members Club Facebook group.

Online workshops.

Mini courses available throughout the year such as creating styled shoots.

Resources library including book on the month, podcast of the month and business tips fo the month.

Templates for you to adapt for your businesses.

Online support and a questions and answers in the Facebook Group.


Building tribes, the power of networking is massive and by joining The Wedding Edit Club, you will make friends, collaborate and bounce ideas off each other.

See the magic you can create by chatting with other business owners, working on ideas and just grabbing a coffee and having a chat.


The Wedding Edit Club provides you with a group coaching experience.

Don't just do this alone, work with other members on tasks, be guided by Laura and other business owners, throughout your business journey.

Business is fun you don't need to battle it alone!

Get access to your online coach.


Running a business is all about learning new skills.

Bite size learning snacks are delivered into the Wedding Edit Club each month allowing you to learn new business skills without the overwhelm of an expensive course.

We cover everything to help you run your dream wedding business from marketing, selling, branding and pricing.

Fun and Cocktails

Being an entrepreneur is fun, it is exciting, you are the owner of your life and you should be enjoying it.

By joining the Wedding Edit Club we also have coffee meetings and cocktail evenings.

We chat about our days and weeks and make sure we have everything in perspective as we all grow and expand our businesses but also talk about life as an entrepreneurs.

We are all about helping you to build your dream wedding business, get inspired, learn new things each month and be part of a growing network of wedding business owners. Running a business is your baby, you created it, nurture it and learn as you go along but often make mistakes, we get you! 


Wouldn't you love to fast track your way through skills that may have taken forever to learn? 

Have support and guidance each month and be part of a like minded inspiring community? 

Imagine having access to lots of training tailored for small businesses and wedding business owners. 

We know what you need, we understand your market and who you are talking to.


Most wedding entrepreneurs are working alone or with a small team, which is often a lonely journey and whilst exciting can also be frustrating when things are just not going to plan.

Would you love to just shout out and get instant help rather than becoming exasperated and trying to do it alone?

Trying new skills for your businesses can be challenging, resulting in procrastination and just not moving your business forwards to where you wish it to be. 


Instant access to online training on a range of subjects from systems, to marketing, in bite size snacks,

and asking for help along the way in a fun community.

No matter if you are just starting up, have been running your business for a while or are a seasoned pro, we have the tools and resources to help you make the progress you want. 

You would love someone to talk to and bounce ideas off, your family and friends, as helpful as they are,  just don't get it.

You may be brilliant at some skills but need to learn, or have a knowledge of other skills to bring to your business table. 

Learning as much as you can about your industry and how you can improve your clients experience is crucial to running a sustainable business, get access to new skills and streamline your business practises.

Are you ready to step up?

Let's do this!

Coaching and mentoring is a brilliant way to fast track your business. It opens your eyes to things you have never even considered, thinking outside the box and taking you on a journey which has been trodden by many before you helping you to avoid the mistakes along the way.

By joining The Wedding Edit Club you will have access to a Facebook Group with many wedding business owners who have been where you are.

Each month Laura will go into the Facebook group to talk to you live about your specific questions and to help you with the next step of your business journeys.

Is it a date?!

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