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5 Top Pinterest Mistakes Wedding Businesses Make

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Today I have been doing a little research (stalking!) taking a look at many of the wedding businesses I know or are in my little corner of the internet.

You can find my little corner here!

What amazed me is literally none of them use Pinterest properly yet it is one of the largest search engines and all your audience are on there.

Here are just 5 mistakes I have seen today whilst stalking!

Their Pinterest Bio isn't Optimised

Your Bio is a good place to start yet so many just type in their business name, hardly searchable for the majority of Pinterest users.

None of Them Have Branded Pins

Remember when people are scrolling and see an image they like, they will pin it to their boards.

Some of the people I stalked today have the links on their pins inviting them to read more. This could be a blog post but why would they read it if there is nothing on the pin to tell the customers what is is about.

Worse still it is just a link to a website leaving that customer scratching around to find more of that gorgeous bouquet they just pinned.

Whilst you see your Pinterest and it has your name at the top, scrolling users don't see that, they see images or better still pins telling them more and with your business name on it.

During this week's Blogging Brilliance Class we took a look at Pinterest, found a gorgeous account, many beautiful pins but it was quite a while until we found out she was a Wedding Business based in the States.

Not Having Optimised Boards

Keywords are crucial for the success of your Pinterest account.

Don't forget Pinterest is an SEO platform, not Social Media, therefore unlike Instagram you are not hinging all your bets on the algorithm.

View Pinterest the same way you would Google your business will become more visible, more people will see your pins.

Tidy up Your Pinterest and create board covers.

I have a free template you can use here.

Pinning Others Content and None of your Own

Many wedding industry pros pin inspirations for their own work and clients.

Filling up boards with florals, table designs, wedding dresses, occasionally they might pin an image of their own work.

If you have you business on Pinterest you should be pinning your work all the time and pinning a few other pins you like.

A good ratio is 80% your work, 20% other pins.

Having Personal Boards on Your Business Pinterest Profile

We all love a project, recipes, gardening ideas, fashion and beauty tips but don't have them on your Business Profile.

Either make those boards secret or have your personal Pinterest and your Business Profile.

If you are in the wedding or creative industry all your potential customers are on Pinterest planning their perfect wedding.

Go and take a look at your Pinterest profiles, would a scrolling consumer know your business from your pins and not just your Bio?

Planning to tidy up your Pinterest?

Don't delete pins, just hide irrelevant boards and archive pins.


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