A Stunning Rebrand for Silverscreen Photography and Video

I love nothing better than seeing businesses transform and this brand identity is just one of the most recent projects I have been working on with Dougie and Paula at Silverscreen Photography and Video.

Dougie and Paula contacted me a few months ago, they had spent the lockdown on courses, refining their already fabulous skills and now had a clear idea what they wanted their rebrand to look like.

Having secured a grant for a website build, now was the time they needed help. They already knew me and have always loved my design and writing skills, they wanted me on board to help them.

The transformation of their website and branding has made my heart sing with delight and I am so grateful they trusted me to guide them through the very messy stage resulting in a beautiful redesign of their old website.

I wanted to share their journey with you to show you how I helped them through their rebrand.

Dougie and Paula knew they had a pretty awful website, it had been created many years ago without much thought to it. Pages and pages had been piled onto the site and it had become messy, difficult to navigate and certainly wasn't inspiring. It had been a case of either ignoring it or shoving a few more things onto it.

Business was busy which was great but with the arrival of the lockdown they jumped at the opportunity to change and starte