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Are your Ideal Clients finding your Website?!


Are clients finding your website on Google, Pinterest and other search engines?

How are you directing clients from Instagram or Pinterest to your site, have you got anything interesting they may wish to read? Are you showing up as the expert within your area?


Let's take a look at your customers journey. They start on Instagram and Pinterest (window shopping) looking for ideas, venues, inspiration and suppliers.

Apart from a great Instagram and or Pinterest feed with a website address in your profile what else are you going to create to attract their attention, what is going to make them take note of your business and make you stand out from the crowd?

Using a carefully created strategy, love these! you should be creating content to take them from window shopping to actually heading over to your website, (your shop).

Are you creating blog posts giving them value, something to read and telling them how brilliant you are?

Wondering what to post on Instagram and Pinterest is a challenge for most business owners, however it becomes so much easier if you create content you can then break down and share across your social media, not once but keep sharing. Blog posts are perfect for doing this.


Let's say you have done a fabulous shoot or wedding, you want to shout out to the whole wide world about how awesome it is so you start posting up pretty images to your social media. Social media is full of pretty images....

But what if that customer would love to know more about that shoot, they love the style, they want to read about the gorgeous wedding you have just posted an image of but there is nothing to go to, it ends there.

You maybe planning to share it in your gallery or on your website at a later stage, when you get round to it, but why not shout out about it now?


Blogging for your business takes your customers on a journey, once they have found you on Instagram or Pinterest they will go and read more if there is content to read. You can show up as the fabulous expert you are. Talk about your gorgeous weddings, your inspirations and even better share tips and tricks on your posts for them, they will become content absorbers and engaged customers.

Once this magic happens they will be in touch with you.


Blogging combined with Pinterest is brilliant for SEO and getting your business seen right in front of your ideal audience.

Once your website is created, fabulous and on the world wide web you want everyone to find it, right? It can become disheartening if you aren't showing up on related searches in your area. Websites are for a purpose but once created become dead content. They are static, nothing is ever updated and Google won't come along again unless new content is created.

But what if you are blogging about your local area, showing clients what is available, giving them tips, talking about food, styles, inspirations, venues, your offers, etc. Google will recognise your efforts, pop along and have another look and start sharing your posts.

Google only want one thing, they want to be the best search engine and you have to help them. There is no real rocket science to it.

If you aren't blogging for your wedding business you should be, you will improve your SEO, you will show up as an expert, you will be creating content both for your customers and your social media the whole time directing them in from the window shopping to your shop.

I could go on and on about blogging, it is a fabulous tool for building email lists too but this is for another post!

If you are serious about getting your business straight in front of your customers eyes then start blogging today.

I know it is difficult but it is the one thing that got my business out there, before social media, my old posts going back years still show up on Google searches, you are in for the longevity and not the quick wins, building a complete backbone for your business.


If you struggle to blog then I have the perfect toolkit for you, not only does it walk you through everything you need to consider when blogging, I include a video, and there are 24 blog posts done for you. this is a post a month for 2 years or 2 posts a month for an entire year.

It isn't just blog suggestions it is done, haven't we all excitedly downloaded blog post ideas and found it was just ideas, these are written posts and all you have to do is personalise them to your businesses.

You can read some of the fabulous blogs created by business owners who have already purchased my Dream Wedding Bloggers Toolkit and how they have adapted them to their businesses, below are just some examples and there are many more!

One client said to me this evening it has saved her days of work, what used to take her 3 or 4 days now takes around 3 hours! If that isn't a result and a huge time saver, what is?!


Polka Dot Creations post

One Fine Day Wedding Consultants post

Unveil Elegance post

Ocean Weddings Post

If you would love to get a copy of my Dream Wedding Bloggers Toolkit you can get instant access here.

Start writing like a pro, get your SEO up to speed and Book those weddings in!

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