Blogging for your Wedding Business

If you are busy with social media for your business but ignoring your blog whilst it gathers dust then you really need to brush up on your blogging skills.

Why should you be blogging? Good question and I am not a teccie or SEO by any means but do know these facts.

If you blog Google is your best friend, it will bring visitors to your website. Simple.

If you are constantly updating your website, Google is constantly scanning your blogs and ranking your website. Win, win situation.

A blog is free and usually integrated on your website, if a visitor clicks on your site do you want them to see a blog gathering dust?  

You may have nailed social media, Facebook, Instagram, etc but if an interested client is seriously checking you out and your blog is a wilderness, things won't match up. Instantly there will be a lack of consistency which means the trust factor diminishes rapidly.

We all know building client relationships is a know, like, trust factor so it is key to be consistent across every platform, i.e your shop window as I like to call this.

Recently in my Facebook group we did a blogging challenge, it was fun and I was delighted to see a few of my followers take up my challenge and download my freebie, 100 Brilliant Wedding Blog Post Ideas, you can download yours here on the homepage.

They have created brilliant blog posts and are gearing their wedding businesses up for the engagement season. Now is the busiest time of year for wedding enquiries so it is key to make sure your business is out there. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and Valentines Day, the next 4 months, you need to be showing up constantly.

A blog is also a brilliant way to show up as an expert, if you know what you are talking about, give great tips that can provide real value to your audience then you are showcasing yourself as the go to person to plan weddings.