Don't Try to be Your Clients Best Friend

This is very sound advice if you are just starting up in the wedding business or even if you have been going a while.

The reason I am writing this post is I took a call today from a wedding biz buddy who admitted to overstepping the mark and treating a client as a friend. She was relaxed, she said too much about her personal stuff whilst trying to re-negotiate a new wedding date.

It totally backfired on her and she was horrified to see the other side of her client demanding her deposit back.

I am known as the Fairy Godmother of Weddings so often I receive calls from my wedding business buddies here to ask for advice and help, I offered a few ideas, poured oil onto troubled waters and worked out a plan that would work for both parties in this case.


When it comes to business, it stays at business, if you are a planner or supplier your clients are hiring you for a service, not to become their best mate.

Your clients already have their best mates, family and friends, they are not looking to add you to their best friend portfolios, they are booking you for the service you offer and handing over money for that service.

Now I have done this personally, I completely get how easy it is to become what I call overly involved. You become close to your clients when planning their weddings, I have seen this many times within the wedding industry, so if you read one blog post, this is the one to take note of.