How to Stay Motivated in your Wedding Business 2021

2020 was a long year, everyone was waiting for the highly anticipated 2021 to arrive albeit we all knew the problems weren't going away overnight but this year there is hope as the worlds Covid vaccinations get underway.

Yet during this Christmas the entire UK was locked down again and we witnessed some extraordinary news from the US. It is little wonder I noticed many of my wedding business owners were feeling down.

The one word I can think of at the moment is fragile, the world is a fragile place, people are feeling fragile and tired, trust me you are not the only one feeling like this so here are some of my tips I shared this week in my Facebook Group to help you ease into 2021.


2020 was a flurry of postponements, cancellations, managing distressed and upset clients. Weddings were moved, weddings were cancelled, couples split up when they realised they couldn't live together 24/7. Some weddings have been moved not once but a few times and as planners we have had to bear the brunt of our couples emotions.

As much as you wish to resonate and sympathise with your clients you need a barrier to protect your own mental health.

You are their wedding planner, or supplier, you are not there to counsel them. If they need this there are many experts available such as Wedded Bliss or friends and family to take on this role, it is not your within your remit if you are providing a wedding service.


It is housekeeping time. 2020 was spent moving weddings, frantically checking your contracts and beginning to learn new skills. You may have had time to revamp your website