How to work with Wedding Planners

Something that often annoys me, as a business owner, are suppliers trying to add me as a friend on my personal Facebook page. 

This is a big NO NO and any supplier trying to make contact with a company should make the effort to research that company and how to get in touch with them properly and professionally.

All business owners have a Private Facebook page, Business Facebook page, Private Instagram page, Business Instagram page and strangely enough they also have business websites that, if put together well, will show you how they expect you to get in touch with them.

This will often be an email address!

If you are a supplier to the wedding industry and want to get in touch with Wedding Planners do it properly, as lovely as you are, don´t expect them to accept a friend request on their private Facebook page that is purely for their real friends and family. 

I have had two friend requests today from a photographer and a hair and make up artist, I don´t want you on my private Facebook page!

You may want to follow their private Instagram page as I seem to have quite a few on mine that are photographers, etc but this is not the correct way to connect, follow their business page, comment on their images they are posting to gain attention.

If you send a professional email to that wedding planner or business you want to connect to then they are able to save it if they are feel your services will be of interest to their clients.

I have a folder on my email system purely for emails from suppliers and it is broken down into categories, bear in mind no planner can save anything on social media unless they screenshot it or recall a ´chat´ they had with you 4 months ago when you told them about your business. 

Think about how wedding planners work, they have a little black book of suppliers and need your information sent in a clear way so it is easy for them to save into a folder on their computer.

I personally have folders on my computer, under wedding suppliers I have categories, caterers, photographers, hair and make up, DJ´s and bands, other entertainment, lighting and sound, there are many folders but they are all set out on my computer so I can easily find the information I am looking for.