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Is Your Wedding Business Valentines Ready?

A third of engagements happen around Christmas, yet over 6 million couples will get engaged on Valentines Day.

It is the second most popular time for engagements, is your business Valentines ready? Here we are thinking pinks and reds, gorgeous romantic table settings, candles and glittery diamond rings, presented in surprise ways.

Now is the time to start planning how to get on their radar so I am sharing a few tips and ideas to help you plan out your Valentines Day marketing.


Think about creating blog posts with titles such as Valentines Engagement, Getting engaged on Valentines day, Tips for creating an amazing proposal, 5 of the best engagement rings, Let's get creative with Wedding Proposal Ideas. There are so many titles you could think of now to create a blog post that will show up as couples search for creative Valentine engagement ideas.

Don't forget you will be mostly targeting men who will be proposing to their girlfriends so think about what they will be typing into good old Google. They are searching for romantic ideas to propose.

So let's look a little more deeply into this, people type in questions into Google so for Valentines Day men would be typing in 'How can I create a romantic proposal', 'Proposal Ideas for Valentines Day', 'Which Engagement rings should I buy'. Just some examples of what potential clients will be searching for and head up your Blog post titles with these questions you think they will be typing into Google.

Don't forget the longevity of blog posts, if you create a blog post now it will most certainly show up next year when your audience are looking for ideas and inspirations.


For wedding photographers think about creating or promoting a blog post all about your engagement shoots on Instagram or Facebook. What to wear, how to get your rings photographed, best manicure ideas for engagement ring photos.

If you are a florist start sharing your Valentines Day offerings and showing behind the scenes, create videos and include them in your blog posts. Stop wasting time just creating reels, start with your blog first and then share out to your Social Media.

Wedding planners, share locations, ideas and what you could create for a beautifully romantic wedding proposal.

You can share videos on your blog posts too.

Then send them into Instagram as reels, stories, etc.

Take a bit of time to consider how creative you can be but once a blog post is created it is there for years to come and will show up time and time again.


Consider collaborations, what could you create within your blog post incorporating a few other companies?

Don't forget collaborating really does start to widen your presence. Think of your blog posts as creating a spiders web, grow it, catch others into it and this will expand your reach.

Maybe you could get together with a cake maker or a florist and run a promotion for Valentines Day. Tag their businesses into your blog post.

Use your blog posts to inspire your audience and build in affiliates links is another option to explore. You could connect with jewellery or clothing businesses and promote their goods with a small commission or affiliate link included in your posts.

I cannot reiterate how important blogging is for your business and how you can utilise it again and again, expanding, growing and building your empire!


I love nothing more than seeing my clients grow their wedding businesses.

I stop the overwhelm and confusion and point them in the right direction with everything in place to build their confidence and knowledge knowing they are the best out there and know exactly how to position themselves within the Wedding Industry.

If you would love to fast track your wedding business then come on over and get to know me. You can find me on Facebook at the Business of Weddings Lounge or come and check out my Membership Club for wedding business owners


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