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Marbella Wedding Planners Lunch

This week I organised the first ever Wedding Planners lunch date! It was a brilliant day as we gathered as many of us together as possible, some travelling quite a distance to join us. 

Others could not make it due to prior commitments, but as we all lead busy lives there will always be a few that cannot attend. As it was such a fab afternoon and we all really enjoyed it, I will be organising regular meet-ups during our not so busy season so every wedding planner has a chance to attend at least one or a few wedding planner gatherings!

We are all members of a private Wedding Planners Facebook group and many of us are industry friends too, we chat among ourselves about the business of weddings, ask advice and share information, we are a close professional bunch all working in the same profession. 

Our group is solely for trusted and established wedding planners who have been operating a successful business for over 3 years. We do not accept anyone who has been known to be deceptive in the past, are not legally working here in Spain or who have not been operating for more than three years. 

What was my goal? Working as a wedding planner might sound glamorous but the reality is the majority of us are working pretty much on our own or maybe with an assistant. We are either in a home or small office and the best part of our days are spent on our computers on email, updating spreadsheets and on clients Pinterest boards! The reality of being a wedding planner :) 

We get out to meet new clients, venue viewings, food tastings, etc so it is not all bad but currently there were no means of networking face to face so I decided to come up with one as having trained quite a few wedding planners here now I understand the importance of being connected and feeling part of a group with support.

We had a really lovely afternoon, spending a ´serious hour´ chatting about various subjects we want to cover in future meet-ups and the need to create a regulating governing body for wedding planners in Andalucia, Over the next few months a few of us will be working on our new initiative which is super exciting!

Whilst we all operate the same businesses we all target very different markets bringing many wonderful and diverse services for weddings here in Spain.

Our Northern European wedding planners specialise in creating beautiful weddings for this market, the Germans, Norwegians and Swedish to name a few. Other wedding planners specialise in lovely intimate beach weddings, some concentrate on weddings the other side of Malaga in the picturesque area of Nerja. 

A few of our planners target the Irish wedding market as you can legally host a Catholic ceremony here in a church and we have planners who prefer to specialise in Indian and Jewish weddings, some won´t touch villa weddings and others specialise in them, I personally create bespoke stylish weddings, so you can see the diversity of the wedding planning services here and the specialist weddings everyone covers.

We are a fantastic group and I am totally excited by our new initiative as we network and grow the business of weddings in Spain together.

I will also be hosting workshops in the New Year for newer wedding planners, you are not alone! Contact me if you wish to find out more information and be included on my mailing list.

My tree is up and now Christmas is fast approaching so I don´t forsee much happening now but so excited for a fabulous 2019  with many plans going on behind the scenes to launch in 2019 :)!

I would like to thank Bloomfield Wedding Photography for joining us to document our day and providing me with some wonderful images to share with you.

We would also like to thank the following wedding planners for joining us


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