Marbella Wedding Planners Lunch

This week I organised the first ever Wedding Planners lunch date! It was a brilliant day as we gathered as many of us together as possible, some travelling quite a distance to join us. 

Others could not make it due to prior commitments, but as we all lead busy lives there will always be a few that cannot attend. As it was such a fab afternoon and we all really enjoyed it, I will be organising regular meet-ups during our not so busy season so every wedding planner has a chance to attend at least one or a few wedding planner gatherings!

We are all members of a private Wedding Planners Facebook group and many of us are industry friends too, we chat among ourselves about the business of weddings, ask advice and share information, we are a close professional bunch all working in the same profession. 

Our group is solely for trusted and established wedding planners who have been operating a successful business for over 3 years. We do not accept anyone who has been known to be deceptive in the past, are not legally working here in Spain or who have not been operating for more than three years.