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My Brilliant Businesses

I have been a little bit quiet recently but all for fabulous reasons :)!

I recently invested in myself into a 10 month coaching program, so super excited about the things I will learn and the experiences I will be able to share with my clients.  I understand whilst I know everything there is to do with wedding world, as I call it, that I can never stop growing and learning so there is a better version of me to offer to my clients.

I have also had two amazing clients and we have been working hard on their different business strategies.

My first client is an established wedding planner here who has been running her business for 10 years. She had run into a few problems, needing help with her mindset and confidence as well as re-branding her business. 

We worked out her ideal client and created a fabulous new look, brand message, logo, website and social media.

Within a week of launching she has had more enquiries and since had 3 weddings book. Her prices have gone up and we have introduced more services to her portfolio.

I know I have made a friend for life and so happy she is over the moon and utterly delighted having let her worries go, I think I am more excited than her to see how her business moves forward this year!

My second client this month is a wonderful and brilliantly talented husband and wife photography business.

I spent a really productive afternoon with them gaining insights into where they were with their business over a lovely lunch. 

Moving abroad is a massive life changing experience and setting up a business in a new country is an even bigger challenge. Having relocated to Spain 2 years ago they are already doing well but felt they just were not quite where they wanted to be with their ideal clients and unless they critiqued their business and made some changes they would not move forward.

With an expert outsiders eye, I offered various strategies they could put into place, we looked at their ideal client, tweaked their branding and packages to tailor their business and niche it more so they would sell a product they both enjoy and are happy to present.

Sometimes it is small changes that can really make a difference and propel a business.

I would say we have safely pulled it together, got rid of a weak logo and strange colours being added into their website, refined and refocused their branding giving them clarity now to move forward.

I love light bulb moments when my clients eyes light up as I suggest things they had not really considered or bring clarity to thoughts they had already swishing around in their minds but just needed someone to confirm them.

It has been a brilliant start to 2019 and I am super excited to see how this year progresses.


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