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Pinterest for Wedding Pros

If you are in the wedding business you will already know that ALL your clients use Pinterest when looking for wedding inspiration.


No doubt each client you have has sent you a link to their wedding Pinterest boards to help you, as their planner, photographer, florist, stationer, cake designer, etc understand their perfect wedding vision.

You probably also use Pinterest for inspiration and creating mood boards, pinning ideas to your own boards and sharing your own work on Pinterest, using it a bit like an online portfolio perhaps.

BUT did you know Pinterest is the largest visual search engine, millions of users each day are looking for ideas and inspirations and there is a way of using this largest visual SEO platform to drive traffic to your wedding business.


Rather than pinning content and inspirations you should be creating your own content for Pinterest.

Not just pinning the odd post from your weddings or inspiration for your clients.

Here are just some examples of how a wedding business could be using Pinterest to attract in your ideal clients and tell them more about your businesses, ultimately making more sales.

Let's look at a few examples.

A catering company, you could pin your menus, cocktail recipes, sharing ideas for the top ten favourite wedding canapes, dessert table tips and tricks. You could create a blog post about a question you are asked all the time, something like 'How much booze should I order for my wedding?'

Then create pins based on the blog post and share them across to Pinterest with a link to that post.

A wedding photographer, creating blog posts that are going to interest the Pinterest audience, ten ideas for displaying your wedding rings ready for photographing, what is the best nail polish colour for your wedding ring photos, don't forget they aren't on there looking for wedding photographers, they are looking for inspirations.

Wedding stationers, if you have an Etsy shop then every pin you create should be driving Pinners to your store or content.

Cake makers and florists, share tips for keeping your flowers fresh, a recipe that is popular for cakes, make people want to click onto your website, Instagram, etc to find out more.

Sharing valuable information is gold.


Let's do a little experiment, what I want you to do is Google something to do with weddings in your area and look at what search results come up for you.

As an example I have googled Spanish Wedding Inspirations, on the first page of Google there are a few Pinterest page suggestions with Pinterest being the first suggestion. So not only are your pins on Pinterest showing up there they are also going to be showing up on Google searches.

You won't be seeing Instagram tags, or Facebook posts, you will be seeing search results from search engines of which Pinterest is the most powerful for wedding businesses.

When doing this exercise I saw one of my blog posts come up under Pinterest on the first page of Google from years ago, all about Spanish Wedding Inspirations.

Try this experiment for yourself and let me know how you got on.


As business is changing, more so since the pandemic, it is so important to make sure your wedding business is at the forefront of the new way of marketing and Pinterest is one of the most important places you should currently be concentrating on.

Your pins are searchable on Google and across all internet searches, the more you utilise this platform the more visible your business will become.

Pinterest is not a social media platform it is an SEO platform and perfect for the wedding industry to monopolise it, but properly, and be out there in front of the millions of couples currently pinning their perfect wedding.


Recently I was gifted a brilliant 12 week intensive Pinterest Course which I am currently sharing in my Business of Weddings Membership Club.

Everything I learn I will be sharing with my members in order we can take their Pinterest accounts from not doing a lot to driving in traffic and sales.

We have already started and are setting up their Pinterest accounts properly.

There are templates for board covers, pins and tutorials explaining exactly how to create the perfect pin and planning content from blog posts, shops, websites, podcasts, Instagram, where ever you wish to take your audience at the moment.

The course I was on is worth £1500 and you find a whole Pinterest course now in the Business of Weddings Membership Club.


If you would love to find out a bit more about Pinterest and receive a tutorial and a checklist to help you start pinning then do get your free introduction and checklist here.


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