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Rome wasn’t built in a day but it came down in a day!

I have started my Substack as another outlet for writing content I could never publish elsewhere as I have so many stories I wish to share working in the hospitality and weddings industry so come on over and subscribe but I will share this story with you!

It was Friday, the sun and heat were intense as we are now at the end of July here in Andalucia. The heat literally smacks you in the face as you venture outside and I stay permanently glued to a fan!

With a wedding planned for the Monday I was delighted we had a head start to build the structures we required for shade and ambient lighting. I have yet to have a bride who doesn’t like romantic fairy lights.

Knowing everything was being prepared without putting an enormous amount of pressure on my gorgeous suppliers, I was at home basking in the glory of being super organised, which every wedding planner wishes for, and excitedly waiting for the updates and images.

When I get the notification I jump on with delight only to find a video and images of carnage at the venue 😳

The pillars surrounding the ceremony space had tumbled like dominos as tension wires had been attached to them instead of a purpose built structure. WTF was my first thought quickly followed by OMG I hope no one was hurt.

Thankfully no one was hurt but then we were faced with a problem, well quite a few actually. I had to tell my clients, the insurance of the company had to be informed, we needed to clear the concrete and of course the venue now had a problem with future events until this is resolved.

Nothing happens in August in Spain as companies close so the earliest this will be repaired and pillars replaced will be September if we are lucky.

The venue was closed on the Saturday and Sunday so first thing Monday it needed to be cleared and cleaned up. The insurance assessor wasn’t sure they would be there first thing so the venue managed to make them agree it would be assessed with the CCTV footage and consequent images of the damage done.

The company invoked were there first thing Monday erecting a stable structure and up went the much needed shading. Thankfully I had such lovely laid back clients they were fine but I do know had I had a highly strung client it would have been a different matter all together.

The wedding was on Monday, I left home and immediately got stuck in the summer traffic jams so arrived slightly later than anticipated. Quickly did a reccie and all was perfect.

Anticipating the heat my suppliers were working in, we had a cold drinks station and extra parasols to protect both them and their equipment in the heat. If you are wondering how hot it was, it was 35 in the shade.

Often equipment in these temperatures will fail or melt.

As guests started to arrive my daughter and assistant suddenly seemed to be very excited and were re checking the table seating plan I had designed and had printed. They recognized a few famous faces in the welcome drinks area!

I had no idea when designing these and doing all the place cards who they were but it turned out to be an extremely famous footballer who played for Real Madrid and some Netflix stars!

As I wafted around, trying not to look too nosey, I then receive a WhatsApp message from the groom who we had expected to already be there, he had forgotten the rings so the grooms party minibus had turned around and gone back to his apartment.

How he and none of his best men didn’t double check is a question many of us, including him, were giggling about later!

With the ceremony due to start at 6pm, by 6.20 they still hadn’t arrived. Apparently the minibus had taken a wrong turn and they were now on the toll motorway!

They finally arrived and were quickly buttonholed up, given a cold drink and 5 minutes to gain their composure.

The ceremony started at 6.45 which meant I had to rework the timings for the catering and suppliers later.

We ran about 30 minutes behind but managed to do the final speeches during the dessert and coffee service which meant we caught up.

It was one of my favourite weddings yet in 17 years, I had such an easy fun couple to work with, so charming and the suppliers involved were a dream team.


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