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Blogging for my Wedding Business, YES OR NO?

A good question and here is my answer, YES, 100%!


Recently I hosted a Blogging for your Wedding Business presentation on the Wedding Trend Report Live Summit, with Kylie Carlson. I was delighted to be involved so let's take a look at why you should be blogging for your business, this really does apply to any small creative business owner.


Starting a business is fun, you will probably have spent an awful lot of time and effort creating your website. Pouring over details such as fonts, colours and images and voila is it live!!

Google will come along with its bots and have a good look at your website and decide where it is going to be ranked.

But after this it will become what we call a static website, i,e, nothing on it changes, there is nothing new for Google to come along and take a look at.

Once you start blogging you will be adding fresh content on a regular basis to your website, each time you do this Google will scan it again and start to push your website up its rankings.


The wedding industry is unique and only a handful of business that can create inspiring and creative blog posts. You have a stage to stand on and shout out about your expertise, share your weddings and help couples with tips and tricks.

If you are not blogging you are missing out on a huge opportunity to shine, show your personality, share your skills and grow your audience.

Always remember your ideal clients are constantly typing questions into Google to get information, create your blog posts around those questions.


Your website and blog is yours, you own it. Your social media is fabulous but you don't own it, Facebook does, what would you do if they decide to take your account down? What will you be left with? I am not scaremongering you but it does happen so it is so important not to put all your eggs in one basket, particularly if you have no control over it.

Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook are all brilliant, they are free and a fabulous way of marketing your business. But they are short term gains. You may get likes, even get enquiries through the platforms, I do.

Often though when you have been 'found' your audience want to find out more and what better than using these platforms to direct them to your blog and website.

Blog posts are around forever, once you have created a blog post it will show up time and time again in internet searches. It is a much bigger platform to showcase your brilliance and drive your ideal clients into your world rather than a quick scroll.

Your website is your 'shop' it is where you are going to really showcase your work and make that sale.

You have worked hard enough on your website so start driving your audience to it!

There are so many reasons to blog so I hope I have given you a few!

If you would love to find out more you can pop over and join my Facebook Group where I have recently presented a video all about blogging for your wedding business, it is the same one I presented in the Wedding Trend Report.


If you would love some help with your wedding blog, I have the Dream Wedding Blogger Toolkit for you with 24 blog post templates done for you, just change them to sound like you, talk about your ideas and location and upload your own images.

The Dream Wedding Blogger Toolkit also contains a video explaining how to blog and why you should be, a simple SEO checklist for your blog posts, setting up your blog for Pinterest and a tutorial to help you become confident at copywriting.


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