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Staying Visible for your Wedding Businesses During this Time

In my Facebook group during September we did a little visibility challenge. I wanted my tribe to be very clear and focused about showing up this year. What they do, what services they offer, how they described themselves, their story and of course I challenged them to go live.

Quote about visibility

The point of this is it has been such a difficult year for anyone working in the wedding industry but I will get straight to it.

If you are not showing up now, clients will book the person who did, who they got to know during the pandemic, who wasn't going to shut up shop and hide. Simple as that.

Should you bother when this world is in such a mess, yes you should. I get it is tough, you maybe home schooling, feeling anxious, stumped for words and even down right depressed. We are all going through so many emotions right now, including me.

What should you post and talk about during the time when weddings seem to have been swept under the carpet or the industry have been told to get proper jobs. What an ignorant statement to make.

Talk about you, why you started in the wedding industry.

Tell people what you do, they are nosey and want to know how it all happens.

If you have a bank of images, keep posting them.

Created a styled shoot? Brilliant, you are one that is ticking boxes all the way so shout out about it.

Learn new skills all the time, we can never stop learning and talk about what you are learning during this year to help your business.

Have a brand shoot, get your face photographed and out there.

Keep blogging, start a podcast.

Work on your SEO, Instagram, Social Media.


Start an email list

Learn a new system for your business to streamline work, CRM or social media planning.

Just doing little things each day to stay in front of your audience will really help your business during these times, so even when you just don't feel like showing up, push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

I teach many of these skills in my Business of Weddings Membership Club, along with having a bit of fun, more importantly now networking and keeping each other buoyant and sharing ideas.

If you would love to find out more about the Membership Club you can pop along here.

We have just launched October and I create each month like a magazine style because I just love reading magazines! I host live masterclasses in there with brilliant business experts, we have tutorials, workbooks and each month a podcast, book and business tip of the month recommendation, which one of my members absolutely loves! We also have a private membership Facebook page to network and share ideas.

It is brilliant and everyone who has joined hasn't left so that speaks volumes doesn't it. For just 29 euros a month it is a win win and if you don't like it you can just leave, there are no ties and I am not holding you hostage!

If you cannot join just yet, I get this, but if you would love to be part of my free community then come on over and join us on Facebook.

Finally I hosted a Blogging Masterclass in a few business groups last month which went down a storm. Someone commented finally the dots connected! Do remember when people are searching for services they still usually go to Google. Blogging for your business is a massive SEO game changer and yet so many businesses neglect this over Social Media which could disappear at any time.

You don't own your social media but you do own your website and blog.

I have saved the Blogging Masterclass presentation in my Facebook group so if you wish to watch it pop over and join us and look for it in the guides tab.


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