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Stuck on Instagram? Want to Learn Pinterest and Blogging?

When I started my businesses it was pre Social Media.

What did that look like? It meant I built a website and started a blog.

I was inspired by the blogs in the US like Martha Stewart, loved how they shared decor, recipes and tips and wanted to do the same.

Focused just on weddings, styling and celebrations I shared ideas, glorious weddings and inspirations, it was my online journal.

I had no idea what I was doing back then but knew it was a good way of being found online.

Other Marketing I Tried, What Worked and Didn't Work

Pinterest, SEO marketing, blogger

There were other ways to market my business and I tried most of them.

Paid to advertise in magazines such as Brides. Nothing.

Paid to be featured on the big wedding platforms. Nothing.

Networked with the large hotels here, at that time they were the only venues doing weddings.

My first break was being asked to style a venue here in Marbella, Los Monteros hotel. They wanted images for a wedding 'set up' to use on their promotional materials at a wedding fayre in Dublin.

This resulted in me having professional images to share on my blog.

I then got hired by more venues, they recommended me to clients and I was getting bookings. It was my blog bringing in collaborations and sales.

How I Grew my Wedding Business with a Blog

I kept blogging, I had no idea about keywords, titles, sub titles but I was showing up and being seen.

I was interviewed on the radio, by local newspapers and a UK wedding magazine as more people had their eyes on my business.

I built an authority and every client who enquired booked as they had already fallen in love with my work.

Along Came Social Media and Other Platforms

Facebook arrived, I used it to stay in touch with my eldest daughter who had moved to the UK.

Pinterest arrived, heaven! I used it to share others inspirations and get ideas for my blog, home, interiors, etc.

Instagram arrived, I thought great another pretty portfolio online! Tik Tok, You Tube, so many ways to get visible online.

How everything changed.

But Are You Stuck?

Pinterest, wedding industry, small business

I have loved the rise of social media but have seen a huge number of businesses leap onto these platforms without a thought as to where to take their businesses next.

I know from first-hand experience as this is exactly what my daughters have done!

Yet all this work is on a rented platform they could lose at anytime, we have witnessed business Instagram accounts being hacked, taken down, vanishing overnight. Today one of my friends Facebook profile has been hacked, it is a huge part of her online business.

So What Next?

Build your own house, claim your own space on the internet you own.

Create a website, start a blog and learn to use Pinterest properly, this will be gold for your blog.

Your SEO will start to fly, you won't be getting likes and instant gratification but you will be creating a much stronger business model.

Once you have mastered this the world is your oyster. You can make your blog and Pinterest a powerful driving machine working all the time for years, not just a 72 hour window or waiting to go viral.

What I Learnt about Blogging and Pinterest

Everything! I have spent years learning how to use these two pieces of SEO marketing, Pinterest isn't Social Media it is a visual SEO driver to your business.

Learning how to create blog content and using Pinterest properly is gold.

Start an email list, monetize your blogs, get sponsored to write, share video content on your blogs as well as on Social Media, sell digital products, share on your Google profile, Linked In, the opportunities are endless.

Lastly but not least, stop wondering what to post next on Social Media, you have created the content already with an entire system to drive traffic to your business.

Let's Get You Building Your Empire!

Interested to know more, sign up to be notified about my 6 week Blogging Brilliance Course where I teach it simply each week getting your gorgeous posts optimized and out there the learning to use Pinterest properly.

We also cover monetising your blogs and online digital products.


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