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Taken a Wedding Planners Course, what next?


There are many online virtual courses out there for Wedding Planners that all offer great advice and teach you many skills about Wedding Planning or Styling. From contracts, pricing, marketing but after you have taken the course what do you do next? How do you actually set up a Wedding Planning Business and get clients?

Are you able to take everything you have learnt and actually create a business?

Do you decide you need to take another course to find out more and gain more confidence? Do you look to then shadow wedding planners to learn more skills, have you any idea how you are going to get clients?

Here I will explain one of my clients predicaments, as it was exactly this, let me introduce you to Jess who now runs her successful company, White Wedding Days.

Jess was working for a company as a copy writing editor for an online portal, as the recession hit in Spain she was put onto a self employed contract and found herself in a situation where she was thinking about alternative employment and dreamed of setting up her own wedding planning business.

Jess invested in an online wedding planning course however when she had finished her course she did not know how to turn her knowledge learned from her course into an actual business. 

A mutual friend suggested she contacted me to help her learn and grow.

I invited Jess to start shadowing me during weddings and also gave Jess the tools she needed to actually run and grow her wedding business.


I taught Jess everything she needed to know about running a wedding planning business. She was then armed with contracts, prices, services and loves styling and decor and more importantly confidence.

Helping Jess to put her new found skills and knowledge into practise was the beginning of the Business of Weddings for me. I knew the value I was bringing to people who wanted to enter the industry and by supporting them enabled them to create extraordinary businesses.

I explained contracts with clients, venues and suppliers, timings, style sheets, decoration quotes and as Jess shadowed me it enabled her to experience real life weddings, she was a natural born wedding planner and an absolute delight to work with.

Within two years Jess had gained enough experience to launch White Wedding Days in 2014 and more recently got married!

I am proud I have been so instrumental in creating these new businesses and my vocation now is to help as many women, and men, as possible escape dreary jobs, hating the 9 to 5 daily grind and create extraordinary businesses within the wedding industry.

Laura x


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