The Business of Weddings Membership is 1 Year Old Today!

Woohoo, we are one!

What an extraordinary journey and have absolutely loved every minute of building this Membership Club for the wedding industry so let me tell you a little bit about its creation.

The Business of Weddings had already been born and I was mentoring many wedding business owners, I was also mainly focussing on wedding industry courses and hosting styled shoot wedding workshops facilitating business owners to learn and grow their portfolios.

Having spent two years previously investing in myself taking some amazing courses which were complete eye openers, all my newly acquired knowledge was being put into practise. In the middle of my first ever 8 week Wedding Business Roadmap Course, like a bolt out the blue, along came the dreaded Covid.

With two fabulous interns from Belgium now locked down in Spain and all my weddings postponing left, right and centre, it was time to think on my feet. What on earth could I do to continue to support my interns in order they would complete their internships and also to help the industry. Then I had my brainwave!

Having already hosted a Lockdown Boost your Businesses week in The Business of Weddings Lounge I decided we could build a low cost Membership Club each month so everyone still had access to learning. May last year our first month's membership was launched! The girls left in June, passed their internships and I have continued to grow the Business of Weddings Membership Club.