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The Wedding Business 'Blog Bank'

Let's Look at Social Media

I hear you, I see you, spending so much of your precious time on social media platforms to gain those instant wins.

Instant wins are great, you may get a booking but really think about how much time and energy you have spent creating your latest reel, story, caption, etc and you are supposed to do this consistently throughout the year even when you are flat out doing weddings and events.

Keep a track of how much time you spend creating content for social media and work out your ROI, return on investment. Also be aware of how much time you spend scrolling once you have posted your own content.

Suddenly you are going down the imposter syndrome void, looking at competitors posts, reels, stories and this will do nothing to boost your energy, it actually drags you down. Do you feel enlightened when you have seen a gorgeous wedding posted by a competitor?

I bet the answer is no, it will make you feel inferior, why can't my business be as successful as theirs, why am I not getting weddings like that.

Now don't get me wrong all of the social media platforms should be integrated into your marketing strategy but they are rented platforms, they aren't yours and you could lose them at any time, it happens.

Build a Stronger Wedding Business Model

Your website and blog are owned by you, no one can remove them unless you decide to. So let's focus on this.

Your website is built and then becomes static unless you are adding in content in the form of blog posts it won't be visited by Google that often.

Creating fresh content on your website in the form of blog posts will ensure those Google bots will be over scanning your website all the time to see what content is on there.

This alone will increase your SEO, your business will be seen.

Be mindful when a potential client finds you on a social media platform they will dig more deeply, they will head over to your website, check out your Google reviews and won't book you on an Instagram whim, savvy couples dig deeper.

They will read your posts, see you are an expert, look at where you work, your style of work and decide if you are the right person for them.

You can share your blog posts across to other platforms, Pinterest being the largest SEO visual platform where all your clients will be hanging out, Linked In and your Google business page.

Then break these posts down and spread the content into your social media, linking back to your latest post, taking clients to your shop instead of leaving them high and dry with nowhere to go.

Clever Business Marketing

Instant wins are great, creating exponentially content is cleverer. Leveraging your time working on your SEO will eventually see better results and drive more sales into your business with aligned clients, not the client who has just seen a few images.

I lay testament to this, blogging was the one thing that completely changed my business. Even now old blog posts are continuously being visited and then clicks through to my website resulting in an enquiry and booking.

I don't Know Where to Start with Blogging for my Wedding Business

This is where I can help and am hugely excited to introduce the Wedding Business 'Blog Bank' to my Business of Weddings Membership Club.

I have listened, I get you.

You don't have time, aren't inspired, have no idea what to write about, isn't your first language, just such a time consuming exercise and posting a quick win on Instagram is far easier.

Yet you are missing out on a huge business potential if you aren't blogging and creating content in your own home.

Do you wonder how blogs make money, you could start an email list selling other things, there are so many possibilities open to you if you make blogging one of your priorities.

What is The Wedding Business Blog Bank?

The 'blog bank' is growing library of blog post templates for you to download and use within your wedding business marketing strategy.

The 'blog bank' library is constantly updated with new blog post templates, they are designed to inspire you instead of looking at a blank screen, give you plenty of ideas for content and what you could write about.

The skeleton writing is done, all you have to do is add your own personality to the posts, make them more unique to you, add in your own images and hit publish.

Currently I am working on a series of blog posts about Wedding Trends for 2023, I am doing the homework for you and as a designer and stylist I spot trends emerging so you don't have to or maybe aren't able to.

Don't forget you shouldn't be just blogging your own weddings you should be creating searchable content that couples are currently typing into Google and Social Media Platforms. As an example they will be looking for #weddingtrends2023 so make sure your blog post is out there.

I hope this helps and if you would love to have access to the Wedding Business 'Blog Bank' you can join the Membership Club and have access to a whole host of other goodies to help you get more sales and streamline your wedding business.


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