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The Business of Weddings Membership Club

Someone recently asked me what the Membership Club was, so here I am to explain it to you!

The Business of Weddings Membership Club started in April, a month into the lock down.

I had already hosted a brilliant Lockdown Lounge week in my private Facebook group, The Business of Weddings Lounge, bringing in many experts to talk to wedding business owners.

The experts spoke to us about different subjects, from Instagram, Pinterest, branding to mindset and systems for your businesses.

I was also in the middle of completing my first wedding business course, The Business of Weddings Blueprint, which helped me to see what business owners really needed help with, more so during this time, and the support they would require to navigate what was going to be a difficult year within the wedding industry whether they were new to the business or had been running for some time.

Already known as the Fairy Godmother of Weddings and having spent the past six years mentoring new and pro wedding business owners I knew it was time to step up and wave my magic wand, so I did. Hence the Business of Weddings Membership Club was born!

I live my dream life in Marbella running my wedding business and wanted to share with others how I did this, combined with all the practicalities of running a wedding business.

Many of my previous clients have taken wedding planning courses but don't know how to actually run a busy and sustainable business. Others already run businesses but would love to be at the top of their industry and I teach them many skills they can use within their businesses to grow, even during these difficult times.

The Wedding Edit Membership Club is currently a magazine style, each month we share a lot of content to help you grow your business, it doesn't matter if you have just started or have been in the business for years, we all know things are constantly changing and we keep you up with trends.

Our focus is marketing, branding, visibility, networking, putting systems into place, sales and driving customers to your business, without clients you are running a hobby.

The Business of Weddings Membership Club is hosted online. It is full of articles, tutorials, podcast of the month, book of the month, a creative corner and a helpful hints section.

We also have a private Facebook group for members to interact and connect with other members. I love seeing the collaborations and relationships grow in there.

I know this year wasn't contemplated but I do also know that my members are coming on leaps and bounds, they are getting bookings, they are in front of their audience and are surviving purely from the content I create each month to help them.

For the price of a few cocktails or coffees each month my members have access to a wide range of business tutorials, networking and learning skills.

If you would love to find out more you can do so here at the Business of Weddings Membership Club.


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