Wedding Photograper Case Study

Sometimes life just gets in the way. especially when you have relocated to a different country, taking your business with you, spent time adjusting, a new country, a new home, new routines, a new school and settling into a new way of life.

This was certainly the case for my most recent clients, Bloomfield Photography

A brilliant husband and wife team who had chased their dreams and moved to Spain, bringing with them their thriving wedding photography business and their gorgeous 3-year-old daughter.

We all know how fast moving the wedding business is and after a few years of settling into their new lifestyle, Sam and Helen were ready to re-evaluate their branding, website, packages and pricing so they contacted me. 

To say I was super excited is an underestimation!

We arranged an afternoon of business mentoring. I had got to know Sam and Helen quite well and had done my homework checking out their website, social media and packages.

We powered through our mentoring session over a very lovely lunch in their beautiful home.

Having identified key areas that were just not sitting quite right, I realised they were what I call toe dipping.