Wedding Planners Safety

I am afraid this is not a pretty blog post about weddings it is extremely important that anyone in the wedding industry reads this post.

I am concerned about some recent events that have come to my attention and want to share this with everyone who will read my posts.

There have been computer hackers and more alarmingly stalkers trying to meet female wedding planners on their own.

Everyone in this industry needs to be vigilant and aware for their own personal safety, here are just a few of the stories that have been bought to my attention over the past few months.

If an email sounds a bit awkward or dodgy it probably is, we can often identify these emails quite quickly and if you are ever in any doubt about an enquiry do run it past other wedding planners, either me, Bernadette at UKAWP or someone you trust.

Never, ever click on any links included in emails until you know the client.

If it is an enquiry and you are just starting an email thread and they send you a link to click, don´t click on it.

We have had a few instances here of Wedding Planners computers being hacked, taking information, chatting to their clients, overtaking their emails systems and sending different bank account details, etc. The planners I know who have been hacked have had to have their computers completely wiped clean and change every password.

More worryingly is what is happening in the UK, there is currently a man masquerading as marrying a shipping heiress with a wedding budget of 200K. He is allegedly stalking this heiress and has contacted many wedding planners to arrange meetings with them, of which it seems a few planners have attended.

This current situation is now raising concerns as it is reminiscent of the Suzy Lamplugh case in the 80´s where a lone female estate agent went missing after meeting with a man to view a property.

Bernadette Chapman is currently compiling a list of emails and evidence against this particular man to report to the UK police, he has used the names, Ian, recently changing it to Josh. If you have been contacted by this enquiry or have any questions do get in touch with Bernadette over at