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Wedding Planners Stop Stealing Others Work

Starting a business is not easy, it requires a lot of work and creativity. You need images to get your website up and running and content for your social media.

BUT, and a big BUT, what happens when you post images that don’t belong to you and you had no part in the creative process that made that image? People remember you, all right, but not for the reasons you want them to. 

This is a big NO NO in wedding world and can easily destroy you before you have even begun.

Don´t be naive and underestimate the power of networking within the industry you are hoping to enter. If you have already taken other businesses images you are never going to be accepted into the industry you want to work in. This is a massive case of starting on the wrong foot and will take so much effort to undo and gain trust. 

The Wedding World, as I like to call it, is a small community and many wedding planners in your area are friends, both professionally and socially. They look out for each other, watch what is going on, get together for coffee and often have private Facebook groups. They have a supportive network and are there to help each other, if they see a ´newbie´ passing off their planner friends wedding as their own, alarm bells start ringing.

Not only is this a massive mistake, it is an offence and you could easily start your planning career off with an infringement of copyright lawsuit against you.

If you want to start on the right footing and start making friends in the business then you have a few options to get it perfect first time, it is not difficult.

Create a styled shoot, this is brilliant for actually portraying what you are good at, creating your brand and targeting your ideal client. If you have not done your homework on this then you need to.

Sell your magic, you are unique, and you will be far more excited about creating your website and managing your social media if you have images you have worked hard on, are in love with and can totally relate to. I do offer a styled shoot coaching if you would love to create a shoot but really don´t know where to start. 

Your own shoot is also a fabulous way of connecting with your suppliers and starting to build a network around your business.

You could even submit your shoot to potential blogs and publications, it is a win win every time.

If you cannot afford this or just don´t know where to start with a styled shoot you can purchase images off some great websites such as Creative Market. By buying professional images you have bought the copyrights so you can use them on your website and social media pages to your hearts content.

My last important message to add to this blog post is grammar. I see so many spelling and grammar mistakes on websites and social media it makes me cringe, so much effort has been made to get that website out there and there is a huge grammatical error staring at me in the face. I have done it myself and actually had a client point it out to me, heaven knows how it got through my scrutinizing but it did so we are all guilty of it!


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