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Wedding Suppliers, get your business noticed

I am going to be honestly blunt here, 80% of the emails I receive from wedding industry suppliers introducing their businesses to me are just awful. 

I find it a pain even having to respond and I will tell you why. 

They are too long, for example they include links to almost every tune they have ever played linking me to You Tube, usually crap images they have taken themselves on their phones or linking me to a badly designed website. If it is purple with confetti heart borders I am gone and running very fast towards the delete button!

Sell your magic, what you are good at and what makes you unique.

Be mindful, every wedding planner I know, of which there are many, struggles already with their massive email overload and to send out a half hearted attempt at portraying your business to a very tired wedding planner expecting them to click on the 10 links you have included, is not going to sell your business to them. 

If they need to reply and ask questions such as what are your prices this is even worse. Often these emails will be dumped unless you are offering something quite unique to the industry such as taming wild cats.

You have started a business, you are excited and want to get your services noticed by the key people within your industry, these are more than likely the wedding planners in your area. This is your target market and ideal customer that will promote you and send you repeat bookings.

So here I will share a few tips.

Don´t send out shotgun emails to all the wedding planners in your area in the hope that one bullet will reach its target.

Research each wedding planner in your area that you would ideally love to work with, study their work, their style and think about how your business will compliment their business.

If your ideal wedding planners website and social media is in English, email them in English, if your planners website is in Spanish email them in Spanish. (I work in Spain so this is appropriate for me but it would apply to any language in any country).

Don´t send them long emails waffling on about what you do, they don´t have the time or inclination to read them and will delete them.

Create documents with professional images and set out your prices clearly, an attractive PDF that can easily be saved by the planner and sent out to their clients is ideal.

Don´t send them a link to your website and expect them to save it and be able to find it later to send to potential clients, this is just not going to happen.

Lastly and importantly, don´t cheapen your business, don´t do offers or discounts, just set out your stall, send it to them in a professional, clear, exciting way and you will immediately see the difference in your responses.

If you are a wedding supplier and would like help in marketing and branding your business to attract more interest from Wedding planners in your area then do pop over to my services page

where I can critique your business and help you create strong appealing marketing materials to target Wedding Planners effectively. For a small investment I can guarantee my advice and help will bring results within weeks.


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