When Should you Work for Free?

Some people say you should never work for free, end of, but I tend to disagree with this when you are running your own business and here is why.

Sometimes amazing opportunities can come along bringing a chance to collaborate, engage and network. You might be presented with a proposal or situation you really should be involved in and say yes to.

This is so key when it comes to networking in the wedding business, exchanging time or sometimes tangible things for exposure.

Now what do I mean by this, I will share some examples that often pop up in the Business of Weddings. 

Collaborating on a Styled Shoot.

Let's say, for example, you are asked to participate in a styled wedding shoot, you maybe approached to do the flowers, provide a cake, stationery, hair and makeup or be asked if you wished to photograph it.

If this aligns with your brand and you have a gut feeling it is an opportunity not to be missed, then trust your instincts. You are also not limited to a clients budget or taste, you can use this opportunity to be creative and really shine.

Wedding dress designers loan out dresses from their press departments in exchange for images, social media, and, if a good shoot, also press coverage. Their wedding dresses are then being exposed to a much wider audience.