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Why the right mindset as a Wedding Business Entrepreneur is important

Sometimes, unfortunate events happen and we get caught up in spiralling thoughts that wreck us. We all have our ups and downs, one just can’t go without the other. However, sticking to the same draining mindset can - and will - cause problems and a never ending loop of negativity, which won’t help you nor your business. Therefore it is important to have a positive mindset, this won’t only affect your behaviour, but it will also have an effect on your surroundings. Your optimistic attitude will cause a chain reaction of positive effects.

A positive mindset has many benefits that allow us to enjoy life again to the fullest. But let’s dive into the word mindset for a second. According to the dictionary, a mindset is a set of attitudes held by someone. This set of attitudes can change your life for the better or for worse. Generally speaking, there are two types of mindset, fixed mindset and growth mindset.

When you have a fixed mindset you believe that goals have defined limitations. When you are stuck in this mindset, you tend to avoid challenges. You also believe that failure is bad and give up easily. As you can imagine this mindset is not beneficial for your business, in fact it is a creativity killer.

Business owners who have adopted a growth mindset believe that failures are just lessons and they have the ability to turn every crappy situation into an opportunity to improve and learn. If you combine this with optimism, you might have the formula for a life full of growth and wellness.

Where do you see yourself? Do you believe that you are stuck in this fixed mindset? Are negative thoughts taking over in your head? You want to clear your mind, but you don’t know how. We listed 3 things you can add to your daily routine to lift the weight off your shoulders a bit.

  1. Be grateful for each new day. Especially with everything going right now, take a moment to be grateful for everything you have.

  2. Replace your ‘ugh, another day’ with ‘let’s see what good this day has in store’. Really, there’s no need to be negative 24/7. Don’t you think that if it would work, you would be a happier person? Another tip: try to wash your bed sheets on a weekly basis. The feeling of fresh and clean bed sheets can help you sleep better and deeper.

  3. Always look on the bright side of life. We don’t think that this one needs to be explained. If something negative happens, try to ask yourself, ‘what can I learn from this? What is the good thing about this?’

We, at the Business of Weddings, believe that having the right mindset is extremely important for you and your business. I encourage you to network as you build your businesses with other like minded entrepreneurs. I started the Business of Weddings Facebook Community purely for this, the connections and relationships I have watched grow inspires me to keep going.

You can also join the Business of Weddings Membership Club, a membership to not only learn new skills for your wedding businesses but make deeper connections within the wedding industry.


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