Why use Email Marketing for your Wedding Business?

If anything else this past 18 months has taught us one thing, to be able to diversify.

Pivoting was a big word in 2020. For many, working in the events and wedding industry, businesses were completely wiped out.

Some business owners returned to the workplace, others decided to ride the storm out, but it has been a long storm that none of us ever expected would last so long.

Selling products or services online became an interesting option. Watching trends unfold during the pandemic was interesting and to see businesses tapping into new markets.

Restaurants and caterers offering home deliveries, online tutorials and fitness classes, zoom party ideas, subscription boxes and teaching skills online.

As we emerge out the other side of the pandemic the way the majority wish to work is changing and there are very interesting statistics.

26% of workers are planning to leave their employers after the pandemic, 80% are doing so because they’re concer