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Working in the Wedding Industry

We are now coming to the end of our wedding season here in Spain, and I have been thinking about why suppliers and planners love this industry so much. It is extremely hard work especially during the searingly hot summer months.

I was in Seville a few weeks ago and we were dashing out to place out place cards, then after about setting out 20 rushing back in to cool down for 15 minutes, it was insanely hot and what should have taken us 10 minutes took an hour just due to the heat!

I have watched the most amazing suppliers such as catering, lighting, staging, florists, photographers, entertainers, working in extremely hot conditions, putting in very long hours physically working hard, yet all with smiles on their faces. 

So why do we do it? We love it!

I am not sure exactly what attracts people to weddings but I will try to explain! 

I have some great students who are obsessed with all things weddings, but it isn´t until you are working in the industry you will understand why so many wedding industry professionals are hooked and believe me it is not as glamorous as it is made out to be. 

I came into the industry as I loved parties, I adore creating atmospheres using decor to create themed events. As a child I watched magical films utterly in awe and was transported into different worlds by films such as Winter Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the list is endless really but all set in imaginary, magical spaces. I was also an avid book reader, I poured over Enid Blyton books such as the Faraway Tree and C S Lewis The Chronicles of Narnia took me into a different world.

I knew from quite a young age I wanted to create magical spaces and it was a no brainer I went to study at display and exhibition design at The College of Distributive Trades in London.

I worked for many years in London designing corporate events before I moved to Spain and I have been so fortunate that my entire career has been all about creating magical spaces, I have worked as a window dresser, event coordinator and an interior designer and of course for the past 15 years as a wedding designer and planner.

Weddings are challenging, they really do test a lot of your skills, both with people and managing the most important days of their lives. I have seen suppliers or planners leave the industry, they just found it too much, so be prepared to work hard. Anyone who will do well in the industry strives to deliver 110% and why?  

For the ones that stay it is the delight on clients faces, the emotions of the day, the coming together for families and friends who often haven´t seen each other for years, the creation of beautiful spaces to host amazing events, these are all quite unique experiences to be part of. 

There is nothing more rewarding than being part of a celebration, knowing you have created so many memories. The camaraderie between the wedding suppliers is also amazing, we are all pulling together to create an event and I have made many friends through my business for which I am extremely grateful for.

One of my favourite highs in this industry is receiving the images, and if we are lucky a video, weddings last a day but the memories last a lifetime and are captured so beautifully by the fabulous photographers. Everyone gets such a buzz after doing a wedding when they receive the images of their work, often what has been probably at least year at least of hard work and dedication to deliver the perfect client experience.

It is knowing you put your all into their day, you created a beautiful event and the images and grateful clients are everything.

Are you prepared to work 110%, if you aren´t then you are not going to succeed in the wedding industry, think carefully before you leap in, it means long hours, a lot of responsibility, working weekends and being involved in very emotional situations.

I am super excited, see this is why we do it!! to receive these images from Pedro Bellido of one of our fabulous July weddings, the images are just beautiful and we created this day without the client coming beforehand.  Talking of which this was one of my ideal clients this year!


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