10 Jobs Wedding Planners Shouldn't Do

Everyone wants to be the most helpful wedding planner for their clients but there are many tasks you shouldn't be considering and here is why.

Many times I have been asked to do extra things outside of my contracts and just kind of went along with it at first, but the busier and wiser I became, I started to question what I was doing when often I was running around like a headless chicken taking dresses to be steamed and up all night checking table seating plans against catering requests.

As I grew and my business grew, I tightened my contracts right down, they had previously included far too many services which were virtually impossible to complete unless I had a team the size of a football stadium behind me, which let's face it most wedding planners don't.

So here is a list of the things a wedding planner shouldn't do!

1. You are not a Cleaner, Super Important! 

You are there to plan their wedding, you are not there to be cleaning the bathrooms every hour as requested by the clients or indeed cleaning up anything. If the clients request you start cleaning you can offer to bring cleaners in at a cost for their wedding day, whether it is to check the bathrooms every 30 minutes or to clean up their bar, it is not your job.

2. You are not a Catering Team Member.

At no point must you be roped into the catering. I had clients years ago whose wedding to be honest was a mess, they had already booked the venue and catering and me to do the decor, organise their church service and oversee their day. It quickly became apparent the caterers were private chefs and had not bought enough staff to manage the service of the event. There were not enough staff, I was constantly being asked to take out dishes and drinks to the guests which I refused to do, I was there as a wedding planner and not a waitress. Besides which I am not covered with the food hygiene handling so this for me is a big no.

3. Handling Food.

The same applies to the cake or anything else they decide you need to handle, as a wedding planner you do not handle food at any times, this is the caterer's job, not yours. Caterers are covered by a food hygiene contract, weddings planners aren't.