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Are you being told you are too Expensive?

The wedding industry gets its fair share of bad press.

We see stupid statements such as the prices are inflated as soon as they know it is a wedding 🙄

If you have ever been told you are too expensive now is the time to educate your audience.

We are Running Wedding Businesses, not Hobbies

We all know how much work goes into pulling off perfect days.

We all know the hours spent on admin. Don't get me started on the emails and inbox!

We all know the costs behind running our businesses, internet, travel, premises, insurances, taxes, etc.

Hiring in support, accountants, staff and outsourcing.

More businesses should be talking about the not so glamorous side of the business instead of showcasing the perfect weddings.

People need educating.

The Wedding Industry is Hard Work

I have seen brides decide after their weddings they would become a wedding planner with absolutely no idea of the work involved.

Not one I know of now has become a wedding planner!

The being on your feet and running around for 12 to 14 hour days, the catering cleaning up well into the night, the staging, lighting and furniture being set up and dismantled in a 24 hour time frame, the florist and cake designers working through the night to ensure their products are perfect for the day, the photographers working many hours editing after the wedding…..

The logistics, transport and days of work beforehand loading up, checking lists, checking and servicing vehicles, having back ups in case equipment fails as every wedding pro is aware this can happen.

Isn’t it time the wedding industry started telling their audience what really happens behind the scenes and the pressure, then maybe they won’t tell you you are too expensive.

You don't just pop up on the day with arms of flowers, sprinkling confetti around.

You have spent the best part of a few months checking what flowers are available, making sure they are ordered and primed when they arrive, making sure you have enough equipment, worked out the timings and logistics of getting everything to the venue ready in time.

You haven't just rocked up with your camera, you have back ups, extra memory cards, snacks to keep you alive during the day when you are constantly on your feet in case so you don't miss 'that moment'.

You haven't just chucked a three tier wedding cake into the back of your car, you have packed it so it will survive a car crash, god forbid, but it happens.

Share the Glamour but also share Behind the Scenes

Write blog posts about the behind the scenes, pop that perfect wedding onto Pinterest with the post, talk about it on social media.

Share the work involved in social media as you prepare for a wedding, share the breakdowns well into the early hours.

It will not only help couples see the work and the occasional thing go wrong, it normalises what is perceived to be a faultless industry.

It isn't faultless, we do get rain, storms, cakes collapsing, drunken best man speeches, fires, accidents.

With the best will in the world and many plan b's, c's every wedding pro never talks about it, yet should share the contingency plans they have in place.

Education is Key

Whilst we all want to showcase our perfect work, the latest polished images of your fab wedding.

Also share the time the couple's mate was their 'DJ' and it went terribly wrong as they hadn't a clue about playing music for a ceremony, cocktail hour, background for dinner and then the dancing.

Share the time they booked a crap caterer on their own, or the bride was an hour late as she busted her dress.

Share the time a table caught fire or the brides sister was so drunk she threw up over a table!

Yes these are all based on my own experiences in wedding world, thankfully few and far between but have been doing this for a long time!

I do recall a blog years ago called the Bitchless Bride which told it as it was and it hilarious. I see now she has a podcast too, I will be listening to this!

Next time someone tells you, you are too expensive they aren't your ideal client, don't waste your time and never let it reduce your confidence and have to have a rethink.

You are charging exactly what you are worth or maybe should be charging more.

Work with Me

If you would love to work with me, I do have my one month 1 to 1 where we take a look at your wedding business and plug those holes.

It could be you can't leave your job just yet or you are working all the hours but not making money.

I take a look at your business, see how we can improve it, take the stress out of it and streamline your processes or marketing.

For more details just pop me over an email at

If you would love to spend more time Blogging your work and learning Pinterest you can sign up here to be notified when my next Blogging Brilliance course for Creatives goes live.


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