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How can I get my work featured?

The wedding industry has its own framework when it comes to marketing, one of the biggest accolades many photographers, planners and suppliers dream of is getting your work featured.


Getting your business visible and standing out from the crowds is branding, marketing and being out there.

Not just on social media, everyone is on there, but getting your business featured.

Don't start with social media, think of these like ponds.

Oh the Instagram pond looks busy, let's jump in here and get my business seen, Oh the Tik Tok pond, hang on that looks busier so let's jump in there. Hang on someone said Facebook was good, let's go and jump into that pond as well.

Before you know if you are jumping from pond to pond and it is exhausting! Whilst all these marketing, get visible platforms are amazing and we have all this available for free to help our businesses this isn't where you should be starting out.


Credibility, authority, visibility on the right platforms. I want you to think of your business as a shop, creating content in-house and filling your shop. Then you can go and jump into the ponds to test out the water in each one but starting there is doing nothing for your business, your shop is empty whilst you have been pond jumping!

But there is a better way, getting you and your work featured. Not featured on Directories but in the best wedding blogs in the world, magazines, wedding suppliers such as dress designers and articles.

Again the SEO backlinks kick in, once your business has been featured it will show up in SEO on other sites that have authority and credibility. You have become more visible and elevated your business status.


Time to stock that shop, start with articles, share your weddings or styled shoots on blog posts, do tutorials, offer advice and useful information. Get used to writing and blogging and you will be ready to shout out across other platforms.

Think about what topics you could cover, images you can share, your gorgeous table set ups, your fabulous weddings this year, timely and useful advice for wedding couples.

Currently trending searches Editors are looking for are Halloween, Elopement, Sunflowers, Succulents, Taco Trucks!

Editors are constantly looking for interesting content, your blog post/article could be a piece of content they would love to feature on their blog, newspaper, magazine or an interview with you.

Your portfolio could be shared on a wedding blog such as Style Me Pretty, Junebug Weddings, Aisle Planner, etc.

Look at the large wedding blogs that align with your style and learn how to submit your work to them properly. Learn how to grow your business building out that flagship store and then go and do some pond jumping!

I will be covering this during my Blogging Brilliance course starting on the 25th October 2022 for 6 weeks to help you get creative, feel inspired and get your businesses seen with authority and positioning yourself at the top.

If this sounds like an autumn dream project for your business you can join me here.


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