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How to use AI tools for your Wedding Business

Recently we have all become aware of AI tools to help create anything from writing sales pages, blogs and generating images.

If you haven't heard of AI yet it stands for artificial intelligence and is growing at an alarming rate.

With any new 'thing' being created it is always worth taking a good look to see how this could help your business grow.

At first I only used Facebook to stay in touch with my daughters, now of course it is one of the best community platforms available.

Then along came Instagram, oh how this was perfect for the wedding and creative industries and now we have Tik Tok.

Since when have you had so many free tools at your disposal to help you grow your business.

Let's take a look at AI apps for your Wedding Business

I am by no means an expert at all, yet it intrigues me as I am a huge advocate of blogging for your business and if an app can make this easier then I am all for it!

Therefore for the past few months I have been testing out what I know, one of the platforms is Chat GPT.

The more specific you can be when you give the AI app a task the better the result. Think of it as briefing a VA, the better the brief the better the result.

As an example I asked the app to write me a blog post all about 'summer flowers for weddings'.

The blog post was literally there in seconds, I demonstrated this video in my Blogging Brilliance Course recently.

So was it good? Yes it was, if I were to use it for my business I would definitely be doing some heavy editing but it gave me a framework rather than staring at a blank screen.

I can see being so useful for anyone who struggles to write and feels stuck, a done for you to edit and personalize is so much easier.

Having said this I haven't actually used the original AI generated copy but it prompted me to rewrite my own with just a few points the app suggested.

Using AI if you need to check a language

I often have businesses who wish to market to English speakers but English isn't their first language.

Just one wrong word or phrase can throw their blog post or social media post off.

Ask the AI to check your written words for you and make sure they are correctly written.

You can also use Grammarly.

Image AI apps for Wedding Pros

There are many AI apps appearing now where you can either upload existing images and edit them quickly, a bit like the Facetune app or ask the app to generate an image.

Having been playing around with these I haven't had a huge amount of success yet but bear in mind I am older and perhaps not as savvy with AI as I should be!

Even Canva has an AI facility now where you can type in a description of an image you want and it creates one for you.

I tested this out last week and the results were a bit disappointing having typed in create an image of a Orange tree in Seville and create an image of a wedding planner at her desk. They weren't great!

AI is very new, I am not ignoring the endless possibilities this new technology will bring to small businesses and wanted to do this blog post as I can already see it would be a game changer for wrtiting content.

Let's keep our Creative Voices

Whilst I embrace any technology to move businesses forward I feel strongly about creatives keeping their own brand and voices.

There are many businesses I follow purely because I love their style of writing, branding and individual voices.

I read a lot of posts written by writers on Substack and follow gorgeous photographic blogs, gardening blogs and cookery blogs.

If you wish to learn how to create compelling blogs and use Pinterest to get more eyes on your business you can sign up here to be notified when my next Blogging Brilliance course and community goes live.


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