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Pinterest Trends 2023

If you are planning to use Pinterest to market your wedding or creative business here is something you should know.

Pinterest want you to make their platform the go to for their audience searching for trends and they have taken the guesswork out of it for you with their Pinterest Predicts.

Pinterest predicts trends and shares them to help businesses share more searchable content.

80% of their trending predictions are correct so it is worth reading their guide.

Having taken a look here are a few 2023 trends for wedding and creative businesses.

It's All About Orange

Gone are the days of blush, orange is making a huge comeback this year. Tones ranging from bright orange to terracotta are trending.

Some keywords, burnt orange wedding ideas, terracotta bridesmaids dresses, orange wedding bouquets.

Champagne Towers, Ring for Champagne and Cocktails

Champagne towers, ring for champagne walls and cocktails are hugely on trend this year.

Think of blog posts you could write about cocktails, mocktails, how to create a champagne tower or champagne wall.

Keywords to consider champagne tower ideas, creative cocktails, popular mocktails 2023, pretty ice cube ideas.

2023 Bridal Fashion Trends

If you are a follower of fashion you will have seen some of the bridal dress trends for 2023 emerging from the catwalks.

Removable sleeves, shimmery fabrics, shorter manicures, hair and veil trends.

Keywords to consider would be shorter wedding nails, bridal dresses with removable sleeves.

Wedding Flower and Cake Trends

As sustainable floristry and the wildflower trend continues to grow, consider blog posts to share on Pinterest with ideas to help their audience.

Sustainable flowers for weddings, wildflower bouquets, edible flowers, wildflower cupcakes, vegan wedding cakes.

Planning Ahead with Pinterest

Remember Pinterest is an SEO platform and not social media.

They key is to plan ahead and start creating seasonal content at least 45 to 90 days beforehand and sharing your post and pins to Pinterest.

So you should be creating your blog post content now about Easter and pinning it to give it the best chance to be seen at Easter.

Easter wreaths, Easter recipes, flowers for an Easter wedding.

At Easter start pinning summer ideas. Summer wedding bouquets, summer wedding dress, wedding dresses for hot weddings.

Once you have your blog and Pinterest planned out you then have content pre-planned to go out onto your social media platforms at the appropriate times.

Your blog and Pinterest will continue to do the work for you and will show up year after year as it gains traction.

If you would love to start using blogs and Pinterest to market your business Blogging Brilliance is currently open for enrolment.

A 6 week course starting on the 15th September 2023.

To find out more click here.

I am also gifting a free Pinterest Board Cover Template to help you tidy up your Pinterest and you can gets yours here.

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