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Should we be rushing to Instagram Threads?

Instagram is a brilliant platform yet with its constantly changing 'latest trends' it can be overwhelming for the average business owner.

Not everyone likes to be seen yet you feel forced to be making video content.

Let's see you, the face behind the business, pointing into thin air. Some embrace this as they are naturals on the camera but for many this isn't what they want to create.

Gone are the days when it was a lovely feed of gorgeous images and now we are drawn in even more watching videos and reels which quite frankly is addictive and time consuming.

I don't say I dislike it, I find it hugely entertaining and a great way to connect with businesses all over the world, I have my Instagram community!

Do we need to be on Threads too?

Had Europe had access to Threads I would have definitely tried it out when it launched last week but us mere European mortals don't have it yet!

Now I feel it is probably just as well we weren't able to leap onto this 'latest Instagram trend' as since read mixed reviews on Threads.

Some are loving it and others not so much.

It is apparently similiar to Twitter and taking the pressure off the video content fatigue as we are bombarded with video on so many platforms now.

However if you didn't use Twitter previously for your business do you really need yet another social media tool?

Ask yourself as a business owner if adding yet another marketing tool to your already long list of things to do, including running your business, is really what you need?

If Threads is similiar to Twitter I won't be using it as found Twitter a harsh place to hang out on, people literally waiting to troll you if you dared to have an opinion. I got so tired of Twitter I just deleted my account. Have I suffered since, no as didn't use it.

It wasn't a good platform for my business.

Marketing for Creatives and the Wedding Industry

All creative business rely on showcasing beautiful imagery to market their businesses and showcase their work.

With so many free marketing opportunities available it is best to really decide which platforms require your time and attention.

Instagram is great for visual content but it isn't yours. Now they have monetised it to offer some consolation that you won't lose your account.

Blogs, never underestimate the power of SEO using blogs. It takes time but creating content also takes time and your SEO is going to do a lot of heavy lifting for you rather than battling algorithms.

Pinterest, if you are a creative, especially in the wedding industry, all your couples are here looking for inspirations from dresses to shoes, jewellery to stationery, florals and styling ideas.

Tik Tok and You Tube, great platforms but will it work for your business? Think about who you are targeting.

Take time to decide what Marketing tools you can and would enjoy to use and be selective when the next big trend comes along, I am sure there will be another one soon!

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I have many testimonials from people who have done the course and you can sign up here to be notified.

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