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The Blog Hiatus for Creative Business Owners

Blogging, once a thriving avenue for personal expression and knowledge sharing, often experiences periods of dormancy for many creators.

Life's demands, loss of motivation, or shifting priorities can contribute to a hiatus and I have had one recently so I thought I would talk about it!

I am a great one and acknowledge I am usually off, like a magpie, onto the next shiny thing! Who isn't!

Coupled with a last minute wedding rescue mission and my daughter returning to college it got busy.

However, reigniting the blogging flame is entirely possible so if you are disappointed in your consistency with your blog here I will share some practical tips and tricks to inspire a triumphant return to your blog!

Or like me making it a priority as have poured a lot of effort into my blogs, I have a few, and don't want to just abandon them for months.

Life Gets in the Way

Life can divert our attention from blogging. Busy at work, juggling daily life, kids, elderly family members and often I find not putting our own priorities in place.

To overcome this, I suggest to start small.

Set achievable writing goals and gradually increase them as your time permits.

Consistency, even in smaller doses, is key to rebuilding momentum.

You can read my Tortoise and Hare blog post here where I talk about small consistent steps.

Lost Motivation

Over time, your initial enthusiasm that fueled your blog may wane.

Rediscover your motivation by revisiting your early blog posts. Reflect on the impact your words had, and identify topics that once excited you.

Reconnecting with your initial passion can reignite your creative spark.

Change of Interests

As you grow and evolve, so do your interests.

If your blog no longer aligns with your current passions, consider rebranding or broadening your niche.

This change ensures your blog remains a reflection of your authentic self, keeping you engaged and attracting a diverse readership.

It will also ignite some excitement back into why you started your blog in the first place!

Fear of Judgement

The fear of criticism or judgement from readers can be paralyzing, although I find this worse on social media.

I will always preach that blogs are your sanctuary and own space where you can quietly continue to build and market your business without the incessant need for daily content creation.

Embrace vulnerability and authenticity.

Share your behind the scenes. lessons learned, and personal growth.

Authenticity not only builds connection but also empowers you to overcome the fear of judgement.

Not everyone will like you but they are not your people.

I can honestly say I have created many positives from being out there versus negatives.

Overcoming Writer's Block

Writer's block is such a common hurdle.

Break through by experimenting with different writing environments, establishing a routine, or seeking inspiration from other bloggers.

Sometimes, taking a step back and engaging in activities unrelated to blogging can spark creativity.

Test out AI apps for ideas, they can often provide you with something to work on instead of staring at a blank page.

Updating Skills

The blogging landscape evolves, and staying relevant requires updating skills.

Familiarize yourself with new blogging platforms such as Substack, SEO techniques, and social media strategies.

Attend webinars, read industry blogs, and connect with other bloggers to stay informed and inspired.

You could also consider a course like my Blogging Brilliance Community where you learn new skills and aren't left on your own to just get on with it.

This is a sure fire way of falling off track.

Community Engagement

Blogging is not a solitary endeavor.

Connect and collaborate with the blogging community in your world and collaborate on projects together.

This is exactly the same as collaborations on social media.

Some of my Blogging Brilliance cohort have been sharing images with each other and using these to tag each business in their posts.

Gill, a wedding album designer needed autumnal floral images to make her recent blog post more enticing and tagged the two florists who sent her some gorgeous images to use in her post with credits to them.

Building relationships with fellow bloggers fosters a supportive network and gets your business associated and seen.

Rediscovering the joy of blogging involves a mix of self-reflection, adaptation, and a commitment to growth.

By acknowledging the reasons for a hiatus and stop beating yourself up you will soon be blogging again!

If a creative blogging community sounds right up your street starting with a simple course on blogs and Pinterest consider joining Blogging Brilliance to sharpen up your skills and feel supported.

Finally if I haven't convinced to blog imagine in a years time making money with it, this might make you think!


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