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Pinterest Predicts 2024 Trends for Weddings

Today I went onto Pinterest Predicts for 2024 to find out what will be trending for the wedding industry.

Here are four I decided to roll with!

Bow Stacking, 70's Retro Weddings, Silver Metals, and Jazz Revival Take Center Stage.

Pinterest remains the searchable platform of creativity, offering a glimpse into the future of specific trends as we enter 2024. Let's dive into the platform's predictions that showcase the rise of bow stacking, the resurgence of 70's retro wedding themes, the prominence of silver metals, and the revival of jazz.

Bow Stacking Mastery

Pinterest anticipates a surge in bow stacking as a unique and fashionable trend in 2024. From chic accessories to stylish clothing ensembles, users can expect a plethora of ideas on how to creatively incorporate stacked bows into their wardrobes and daily looks.

Here are some other trending searches on Pinterest about bows.

70's Retro Wedding Extravaganza

Love this one the revival of 70's retro wedding trends.

Pinterest envisions a wave of nostalgia with boards filled with groovy wedding decor, disco-inspired fashion, and flower power aesthetics.

Expect to see couples embracing the free-spirited and vibrant vibes of the 1970s on their special day.

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Shimmering in Silver Metals

Silver takes the spotlight on Pinterest as the platform predicts a surge in interest surrounding silver metals.

From home decor accents to fashion accessories, users can explore boards featuring the sleek and modern allure of silver, offering endless inspiration for incorporating this timeless metal into various aspects of their lives.

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Jazz Revival Rhythms

Get ready to tap your toes to the beat of a jazz revival!

Pinterest forecasts a resurgence of interest in jazz, with boards dedicated to exploring the rich history of this musical genre and incorporating its timeless elegance into modern lifestyles.

Expect to see jazz-inspired fashion, playlists, and decor ideas taking center stage.

I chose these four topics as relevant to the wedding industry so handing this over to you so you can get creative and think what you could blog and Pin.

Remember being on trend is hugely important as you promote your businesses.

If you really don't have time or any desire to blog then I do offer a blog post and pins done for you service.

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