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Blogging Brilliance is Laura's signature course and community teaching creative and wedding business owners the power of blogging and Pinterest for their SEO and visibility.

It is a hugely popular course and runs a few times each year.

40 million couples are using Pinterest to plan their weddings! 400 million users are on Pinterest. 

We don't just have the wedding industry on the course, we have jewellery designers, bridal shops, many florists, stationery designers and even a dog breeder all learning how to blog and use Pinterest to drive organic traffic to their websites.

The course is a 6 week live course and we have a Blogging Brilliance Community so if you get left behind or tail off you can pick up again at any time.

There is lots of encouragement and support in the Blogging Brilliance Community and you will have the opportunity within the course to get Laura's eyes on your business and lifetime access.

Follow Laura on Instagram and sign up here to be notified when the next Blogging Brilliance Course is starting.

Click below to read more and see some of our testimonials.

"I enrolled in Laura's course, Blogging Brilliance 6 week programme.

So much to know and action but Laura breaks it down into manageable steps.

Fingers crossed I have put her excellent training into practise with this post,

The programme also includes how to develop your SEO and Pinterest Business Account, which I will definitely be working on".

Lisa, Mindenwood Floral Design

"I fell I have wasted so much time in the past marketing my business on social media without attracting my ideal client.


Equipped with the skills I now have I will be concentrating my efforts on Blogging and Pinterest,


If, like, me, you have taken numerous courses online only to be left floundering, this won't happen at the end of Blogging Brilliance as Laura hosts a community with continued support and guidance.


I cannot recommend Laura and her course highly enough".

Angie, The Glittering Teapot

"I can't recommend this course highly enough!"

Emma, Thea Lily Loves Flowers

"If you are looking to up your game with Blogging, SEO and Pinterest I can highly recommend this 6 week course.

I am on week 5 and the training is just spot on.

It isn't overwhelming, it's bitesize and the tasks each week are completely achievable and actionable.

A very happy programme participant".

Kate Avery Flowers,

The Little Flower School

"I thoroughly recommend this course...I was already blogging but not particularly effectively.


I am halfway though this course and have already learnt so much to improve my blog posts, Pinterest and SEO.


Most of all I am now enjoying doing it!".

Gill, White Peacock Album Designs

"As a wedding business I knew I should be blogging and  and on Pinterest, but it always got pushed to the back of the 'to do list'.

Laura taught me ways of quickly creating good quality content for the blog and Pinterest, so it's easy to stay on top of and updated regularly.

I learnt how to come up with blog topics clients actually want to read, how to give posts the best chance of being found on Google, how to quickly create banners and images and tactics to harvest traffic from Pinterest, without just mindlessly pinning pretty pictures.

All the tutorials were easy to follow and implement and I am now blogging and pinning on a weekly basis!"

Rebecca, Splendid Swan Wedding Stationery

"Really can't recommend Laura's course enough.

It's not one of those courses where are are stuck. It is brilliant because she is always there and assists you! Plus it is in chunks, so you really have the time to implement.

If you approach it the right way, you can make a post out of your pin and visa versa.

This was my real light bulb moment that you use your blog over and over again. I got this 'gosh' moment that you don't have to overwhelm just take little steps and use what you have done already".

Christiane, El Taller de JC

"I have learnt way more than I have on any other courses I have joined or listened to.

I really recommend joining Laura's lives to you can ask questions and receive live tutoring if you get stuck

These are recorded and sent to you which has been invaluable to me.

Laura gives so much of her time, critiques your work and you will learn so much".

Lynne, Rustic Rentals

"Just confirmed 2 more bookings for 2024 all because of my blogs.

Thank you, your course is amazing".

Bernadette, One Fine Day Weddings


We will be adding many more brilliant resources here to help you create and grow your creative and wedding businesses.

Email template for wedding pros.png
Canva Templates for social media.png
Dream Wedding Blog Toolkit.png

A set of 9  Pro Wedding Email Templates

for your Wedding  Business.

Templates include:


Client enquiry reply

A perfect fit reply

Not a good fit reply

A follow up email

If a client requests to change your contract

Setting out your boundaries email

We don't do that email

Procrastinating client email

Late payment email.

15.00 euros

A set of  25 free Canva Templates.

Beautifully designed to help you 

with your social media.

Can be edited in Canva 

to include your colours, fonts

and images.

Have no design skills or staring

at a blank screen wondering

what to create then let me

gift you these templates.


The Dream Wedding  Blogger Toolkit


24 done for you blog posts templates.

Simple change them to suit your location

and business.

A simply understood video and written tutorial.

Understanding how to increase your blog's SEO.

How to use Canva images for your blog posts.

A confident copywriting tutorial.

Learning to share your blog across to Pinterest.

27.00 euros

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