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Business of Weddings Membership Club
Building a wedding business can be lonely, frustrating and expensive.
You are often working alone, trying to figure out pricing, sales, styled shoots, marketing skills and all the hats a wedding or creative entrepreneur wears.

Laura started the Membership Club during Covid to support wedding business owners.

It was originally created as a monthly magazine style module sending out a magazine each month with different business tips, templates and tutorials.

This was perfect during that time as the members had time to learn and connect but as life returned to normal Laura realised that just stuffing a membership full of content wasn't the way forwards.

What people needed was someone they can chat to.

Either stuck on an idea or having a difficult client moment, needing some advice.

Laura is currently remodelling the Membership Club to offer this, as well as a huge amount of content

Members get exclusive discounts to courses, workshops, templates, business tips and up to date information.

They also often pick Laura's brain!

The Membership has its own private Facebook group too where everyone can interact.

It is currently just 25 euros per month to join.

What is in the Membership Club?

"Laura, your membership club and content is fantastic, thank you!".

Even though I have been doing this forever there are so many things changing all the time and you enable us to learn these important skills".

Dyana Dessar

"Your templates in the membership really helped, I am going to do a few more from your templates.

I also now have ideas for my own ones, some I got whilst writing this one. It has made writing a lot easier".

Shirley, Couture Wedding Tales

The Business of Weddings Membership has been a great investment for my business.

I had been struggling with pricing and marketing for a long time.

Laura helped me to learn to put myself out there and in a better way with more confidence".

Victor, Victor Alaez Photography

"Your membership is amazing.

The wedding planning now is going great but I am also learning so much more now on the business side of weddings."

Bernadette, One Fine Day Weddings

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